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Latest update: 27/01/2020 12:35:12

Wedge Co., Ltd.


Sales Pitch

Single-side total blackout technology, WHL
Black out processing can be done on one side of a material with permeability regardless of the shape of the material. 
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A combination of conventional painting and a laser cut can completely black out the object.
Since this is not film insert molding, black out processing can be performed regardless of the shape of the material. Since a laser cut is post-processing, the accuracy of design or logo positions can be maintained.
In addition to black out processing, white out processing can be performed.
The seamless design requested by designers can be achieved. 
When the light source is turned off, the surface color is piano black, and when it is turned on, a logo or mark emerges. No trace of laser cut appears at all.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
We offer one-stop services ranging from synthetic resin coating design to molding, coating, laser cutting, printing, and vapor deposition plating. We also offer proposals for processing methods according to the application or product. We make use of our president’s experience in coating development and the like at a paint trading company. We particularly excel at coating development for automotive parts and technology transfer to various different fields.


[Representative's message]
Thank you for visiting our page. We are looking for companies who will cooperate with us in promoting the blackout/whiteout technology WHL, which we have developed. We have made complete blackout possible by means of one-side processing, normal coating, and laser-cutting equipment. We are confident that this is a revolutionary technology as seamless design is currently becoming the mainstream. However, we are not sufficiently capable of disseminating it, so we would like to ask for your cooperation.

[Intellectual property]
WHL (Japanese Trademark Registration No. 5938386); lighting display board and manufacturing method (Japanese Patent No. 6211134).