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Latest update: 18/09/2019 16:06:52

Wakou Seiki Co., Ltd.

With Japan’sprecision measuring instruments
Let’s connect with the world.

"Sensing technology provided by WAKO will be connected with various products.
"HAE-GS will be able to provide you with the machinery, equipment and equipment you currently own
It can be retrofitted to IoT · automation renovation.
In addition to solving problems, innovative products are born.

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Sales Pitch

HAE-GS-2 [Precision position and displacement measurement equipment]
HAE-GS-2 is a digital conversion device developed for the purpose of precisely measuring the movement amount and position,														
Absolute value signal is output by original mechanism combining mechanical measurement mechanism and digital output mechanism.														
From the encoder, the parallel BCD interface and the serial RS-232C interface are output,														
Communication is possible directly to the control device etc. without requiring intervening equipment for both signals.														
For the RS-232C interface, you can specify the baud rate and communication protocol according to applications such as control equipment and control panel.														
You can choose not only RS-232C but other interfaces.
In the endurance test not only by the absolute value measurement but also by the third party industrial testing institution,														
Robustness to withstand earthquake resistance of 30 G, shock resistance 92 G.														

It does not require equipment that intervenes measured values,														
Convenience that can be wired or wirelessly connected to various devices such as direct control devices.														

There are various options and special specifications that meet customers' needs,														
Furthermore, diversity that enables customization according to your request.														
[For example, design both axis drive. (2 drive shaft) Dustproof and waterproof specifications are also possible. (IP67 connector)														
1 rotation 100 increments / decrements, 1 rotation 1 increment / decrement, mechanical structure and display in inch unit are also possible.]
In harsh environment industries, HAE-GS is required.														
It is a place where harsh environments requiring earthquake resistance, dustproofing, waterproofing etc. 														
can be active. It is active in various industrial fields where durability and robustness are required, such as forging machine related,														
machine tool related, transport heavy machinery material handling related steel related, printing related, fiber related, measuring device related, natural energy related.


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Other presentation

[Company strength]
We are a comprehensive manufacturer of precision measuring instruments. We have been developing and selling die positioning systems for press machines since our foundation, and we are currently making use of our know-how regarding mechanical measuring instruments. We have started to develop and sell a hybrid absolute encoder suitable for the IoT era. It integrates mechanical and serial signal outputs so it can be utilized in various products. It mechanically measures values, and so features durability such as seismic resistance and shock resistance.


[Representative's message]
We currently do business with press working companies in Asia and other regions. We will work with help from J-GoodTech to make our products known and utilized by press working companies and also other enterprises in industrial fields in various countries.

[Awards and media coverage]
Management Innovation Plan approval (July 2017).

Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, New Product Information, (September 2016); Mechatronics Design News (October 2016).

[Intellectual property]
Drum for magnetic encoders and absolute encoder incorporating the drum (Japanese Patent No. 6064072, international patent application No. PCT/JP2017).

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