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Latest update: 27/01/2020 12:35:04

Kouyou Shoukai Co., Ltd.


Sales Pitch

Amazing transparency! Transparent formwork "Mieruform" is effective in improving concrete quality!
[Merits of our service]
1. The use of the transparent formwork easily allows people in the construction business to visually check concrete pouring conditions and conditions before pouring concrete into the formwork. The transparent framework is effective for improving concrete pouring quality. 
2. The transparent formwork contributes to the lighting of the construction site to make the site safer. In particular, it is effective for constructing underground structures or at a construction site that is surrounded by walls on all sides.
3.  The transparent formwork can repeatedly used. It can be used again while its transparency is maintained.
4.  The transparent formwork can be bent or deformed. It enables various usage scenarios. 
[Panel structure]
Face plate: A nondenaturing methacrylic resin cast plate is used.
Frame: A wooden (lauan) material is used. Two-part polyurethane resin is applied to it to make it highly weather-resistant and to maintain its luster. Therefore, it can be used more than a dozen times.
*Materials other than wooden (lauan) materials can be used as the frame. Please consult us for the use of pine tree materials, steel materials, etc. 
[Applications of use]
-Constructing bottoms of bridge piers
-Constructing upper parts of bridge piers
-Spandrel walls of buildings
-Underground facilities such as water purification plants
-Defense facilities
-Public buildings
-Shafts, etc.
*The transparent formwork has widely been used in construction sites that require concrete to be reliably filled with high quality. 
*If it is used in dark places, etc., it greatly contributes to improvements in workability .

Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company designs, manufactures, and sells concrete formworks. We are particularly skilled in forming round corners and curved surfaces. We have a track record of manufacturing special formworks for various places throughout Japan. We can totally satisfy customer requests because we have a formwork manufacturing division and also an ironworks division for timbering and other processes. This is another strength of our company. We acquired a contractor license in FY 2016 and became able to install our products on-site. We will continue our constant efforts to solve issues regarding human resources and passing down skills, and satisfy requests for quick installation and high quality.

Other manufacturing industry

[Representative's message]
Our strength is our total adaptability in the niche field of formworks. There are now growing concerns about the deterioration of on-site techniques. We will further deepen our techniques so we can give shape to what customers have in mind. We think major construction companies will be more active in advancing overseas in the future construction industry. Our company’s work may then become one of the measures that make Japanese technologies available outside Japan. We are still developing but we will solve issues one by one to make a wide-ranging contribution to the world. We will appreciate your patronage.

[Awards and media coverage]
Osaka Monozukuri Award 2015.

TV Osaka Network, "Wafu Sohonke" (2017); several appearances in newspapers.

[Intellectual property]
One patent pending: Japanese Unexamined Patent Application No. 2017-075468 (P2017-075468A).

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