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Latest update: 21/04/2018 02:07:30

Goyou Paper Working Co., Ltd.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
We manufacture and sell milk cartons and other beverage containers, paper cups, food packaging materials, medical and sanitary materials, and various packaging materials. Our products include paper, nonwoven cloth, films, and other aluminum and other metal substrates laminated with polyethylene and other synthetic resins for industrial, agricultural, and architectural uses. We also develop, manufacture, and sell advanced films and manufacture original films on consignment according to customer specifications. Our advanced films include optical films for LCD displays (prism sheets), designable decorative films (design sheets), various engineering plastic films, and antibacterial and pest-repelling films.

[Business description]
Our company has been accumulating film extrusion technology in the paper processing field producing milk cartons and beverage containers for over 50 years. We focus on expanding functional film manufacturing and production by making the most of our technology in a clean environment with high-accuracy film manufacturing equipment. We particularly excel at manufacturing prism sheets and other functional films with various characteristics that are not available from plane films. This is done by making use of our unique technology for creating fine micron-order patterns on film surfaces with high precision. We also offer consignment manufacturing of original films with the customer’s specifications. We are ready for consultation about planning, developing, and mass-producing functional films.


[Representative's message]
Our company has been devoted to manufacturing and selling processed paper products such as paper containers and packaging materials since its establishment. We will always acquire advanced technologies and develop new products with a philosophy of being unique. We have acquired unique technologies in our processing for laminating or compositing various functional materials or manufacturing their films. We develop and market functional film products beyond the category of processed paper, and prism sheets are a representative product. We will continue to conduct research and improve ourselves to develop the high-level processing technologies and new products expected by the next generation. This is how we will pave the way to the future in new, limitlessly broad markets by pioneering business expansion.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We have recently been working to become known as a film manufacturer while showcasing our film processing technology by participating in Film Tech Japan and other exhibitions. We have been able to gain opportunities to cultivate markets in new fields and sales categories through these activities and are now producing results. We will make use of the opportunities we gain through our publicity activities and devote ourselves to new product development. This is why we are now strengthening our technical development group by actively assigning staff to this group.

[Awards and media coverage]
Japan Packaging Contest, Good Packaging Prize; Japan International SME Exhibition, Best Presentation Award.

Our processed paper products and functional films have been featured in journals such as Convertech and Packaging Materials and industrial newspapers like The Chemical Daily.

ISO 9001

[Intellectual property]
We have applied for 302 patents and possess 70 patent registrations.