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Latest update: 25/04/2018 13:06:09

Taisou Co., Ltd.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
We sell the Deocoakin silver-based photocatalyst as an antibacterial agent, with our know-how of application using a compressor and a spray gun. Our customers are related to housing, automobiles, and clothing cleaning. Our housing-related customers renovate houses and buildings, rent out condominiums or apartments, or operate hotels and nursing facilities. The automobile-related companies rent out or lease cars or provide taxi services. The cleaning-related companies rent out fashion clothes and have problems with body odor or any other kind of unpleasant odor. Our low-pressure compressor is easy to handle even for people with limited strength. Deocoakin is an antibacterial agent consisting of the world's smallest particles. These ultra-fine particles are as small as 5 nanometers in diameter and do not leave any stains or irregularities on substrates whoever may apply them.

[Business description]
We developed the Deocoakin silver-based photocatalyst from a JIS standard antibacterial agent by adding silver to titanium oxide. This is a next-generation antibacterial agent featuring excellent antibacterial, deodorizing, and antifouling effects. The antibacterial effect is powerful enough to prevent mold and moss generation and also to ease bedsores. The deodorizing effect can eliminate even special odors like putrefaction odors due to an undiscovered solitary death and fire odors. You can add Deocoakin to water to eliminate body odor and aging odor. The photocatalyst blends with water. The hydrophilic property and antifouling effect make the photocatalyst optimal for wet areas of houses, vehicles, and solar panels. The photocatalyst produces a chargeable metal film that prevents static electricity and deterioration due to ultraviolet rays.

Wholesaling, retailing, and restaurant services

[Representative's message]
I came across silver-based photocatalysts about 15 years ago. I was working at a DIY store, so I had confidence in evaluating goods. I intuitively felt there would come an time where people would anticipate having this kind of product. Such an era is finally arriving and silver-based photocatalysts have started to attract attention in recent years. We will introduce our silver-based photocatalyst to many companies in the deodorization field to have it respected in the field while continuing sales to the public.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We are planning to expand our markets mainly in the field of deodorization, which is one of the features of our Deocoakin silver-based photocatalyst. We think unpleasant odors are a nuisance because they are not visible, and quite a few companies have issues with them. We will introduce our products to various companies for deodorizing rental fashion clothes, sports facilities, vehicle cabins, hotels, and nursing facilities, including homes. We are now continuing to retail our products via Rakuten Market and circulating information through SNSs.

Patent acquired by the manufacturer
"Deocoakin" trademark acquired by our company

[Intellectual property]
Silver-based titanium oxide sol as antibacterial agent (Japanese Patent No. 3558460); silver-based titanium oxide colloid as coating agent (Japanese Patent No. 4038200); Deocoakin (Japanese trademark registration).