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Latest update: 27/01/2020 12:35:02

Champion Corporation Co., Ltd.


Sales Pitch

We process all types of metal products.
If you provide us with drawings and data, we can deliver the finished products to you. Since we have machines for cutting, grinding, heat processing, and electric discharge in our company, we can perform all processes related to production. With the know-how that we have nurtured for more than 50 years, we are able to produce products that meet customer requirements.
We have plastic molds, die-casting dies, press molds, as well as semiconductor sealing molds, and we do business with various customers. In addition, we can produce machine parts and FA parts, provided that they are metal products.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
We manufacture and sell mold parts for plastic processing, die casting, press working, and semiconductor sealing. Our products include precision metal mechanical parts. Most plastic products, home electronics appliances, and automobiles around us are manufactured using molds. The requested product quality has recently become higher, and molds themselves are expected to have high accuracy and quality. Our company manufactures high-accuracy, high-quality metal mechanical parts that satisfy customer needs. We manufacture mold parts for plastic processing, die casting, press working, and semiconductor sealing, and also parts for medical equipment and automatic machines. This is done by making use of the know-how we have been cultivating for half a century. We excel at manufacturing customized parts, and we have been manufacturing various products according to customer needs since our establishment. We continue to take on the challenge of various kinds of machining.

Metal product manufacturing

[Representative's message]
Mold manufacturers have been disappearing from Japan and the mold industry has been cooling down. This is why our company has been shifting our business to manufacturing metal parts for different industrial categories since about 15 years ago. We established a development and sales department as a division specialized in precision parts and have been flexibly satisfying user needs. We have a wide range of products from surgical instruments for medical specialists to shafts and bearings for automatic machines, including customized bearings. We are also expanding our business to various fields, such as automobile interior and exterior parts, containers, and stationery. We were able to increase sales of precision parts to 20% of our total because of our track record of finishing products as requested. This is achieved by making use of the technology and know-how we have been accumulating for half a century. Our goal is to transcend mold-dependent business. We will make use of J-GoodTech to meet companies that we cannot meet ourselves, and thus to increase this sales ratio to 50% of the total.

[Awards and media coverage]
Commendation from Higashi-Osaka Tax Office eight times as a superior declaration corporation.

ISO 9001