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Latest update: 27/11/2020 17:30:29

Helios Co., Ltd.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
We provide total promotion of electronic commerce sales in Japan and abroad. Firstly we provide planning, production, advertising, and consulting services about electronic commerce and websites. We understand the features of your products and create very attractive Web pages and easy-to-use electronic commerce websites. Secondly we assist with sales promotion using media-based advertisements, operate our original advertising media, and provide a marketing service using analysis tools. We create customer-attracting advertisements by making use of the know-how we have accumulated in the sales promotion business for 13 years. Thirdly we help companies advance into the Asian market. We mainly support advances into Taiwan, China, Singapore, and Southeast Asia. Our company has a branch in Taiwan, so we have a cost advantage by doing business directly with local advertising agencies. Japanese-Taiwanese bilingual staff handle translations and production. In China, our group company has malls in Taobao and Jindong, including T Mall. Cross-border electronic commerce enables sales to China in one month at the earliest. We have experience helping an online shopping company advance into Singapore.

Advertising, survey, and information services

[Representative's message]
Our company has been promoting Web sales in Japan for more than 13 years. Six years ago we started to actively support overseas advances and have been building up a track record. We established a branch in Taiwan three years ago and are now we mainly support advances into China, Taiwan, and Singapore. We will help many more Japanese companies successfully advance into these counties and promote advances into other countries in Southeast Asia. We anticipate forming partnerships with companies in logistics, application agencies, and marketing firms in East Asia and Southeast Asia. We also hope to have opportunities to meet manufacturers that want to advance into such countries.

[Awards and media coverage]
Yahoo! Spring Campaign, Best Achievement Award (2007); Yahoo! Autumn Campaign, Excellent Achievement Award (2008); commendation by Baidu as an excellent advertising agency (2010); Innovation Club Award (2011); DOCOMO Message S (Special) Award 2017, Best Repeating Sales Category, Special Award (2017).