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Latest update: 27/01/2020 12:35:01

FLAPS Co., Ltd.


Sales Pitch

"FLAPS Inventory Solution Planning" (FISP) which achieve optimum inventory and contribute to profit increase and sales maximization in your company
1) Optimum inventory is achieved in terms of inventory planning.
2) Inventory specialists analyze inventory situation of your company. Based on the analysis, we determine inventory standards, etc. and set them up in the system (FISP). 
3) Without always relying on specialists, we calculate inventory standards based on general ideas (safe inventory and order points) and achieve inventory plans (management) by complying with the standards.  
1) Visualizing "past, present, and future" sales, purchase, as well as inventory situations from a wider point of view
2) Avoiding risks thanks to a pre-notification feature before the problem (e.g. a lack of stock) arises
3) Achieving operation with constantly optimum inventory quantity thanks to an optimal inventory review function
1) Reducing burdens of troublesome inventory planning (control) tasks (reform of working practices)
2) Reducing excessive inventory and preventing stock shortages
3) Strategic inventory planning (such as satisfactory assortment of hot-selling products)

Other presentation

[Company strength]
We listen to our customers and work with them to give shape to their thoughts through IT technologies. Our business includes development and sales of our own software products, such as our FERP sales and inventory management system and FISP inventory planning solution. We also provide technologies that satisfy needs, such as consulting services related to machine learning (AI), inventory optimization-related services, and system engineering services focusing on Java and .NET. We undertake contract software development, including Web system development such as electronic commerce sites and customer portal sites, and enterprise software that uses C/S systems.

Service industry

[Representative's message]
We have started to provide our FISP inventory planning solution by building on our know-how from our existing sales and inventory management system. FISP is a system to ensure business operation with proper inventory, which is a key concept in inventory management. There are customers who know the quantity of their stock but do not understand whether or why this quantity is appropriate. Our inventory experts develop systems for such enterprises for stocktaking that reflects their actual situation to enable daily operations with proper inventory. We are improving our products and also making other efforts to promote sales so many companies will introduce our solutions. We provide information from our website and the like, collaborate with manufacturers and providers of related software products, and discover sales agencies for our products. We also hope to further cultivate markets by participating in J-GoodTech.

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