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Latest update: 14/02/2020 10:24:05

Tract Co., Ltd.

Commitment to taking up challenges

Our company continually tries out new manufacturing methods based on the experience and knowledge we have gained. By making the most of our techniques and technologies — from the skilled workers' handwork to the latest technology — we aim to achieve the highest level of manufacturing that no one else can reach.

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About our business, products, and technologies
Business description and characteristics
Our company manufactures and sells semiconductor equipment, agricultural control devices, and various mass production units. We also develop substrates, in-cylinder washer, and honeycomb panels that are made of new materials. Although the manufacture and assembly of semiconductor equipment is our primary business, we are working on R&D activities as well. Currently, we are actively promoting a prototype development project of honeycomb structure hydrogen tanks using FRP. To develop a lightweight, high-strength, high-pressure hydrogen tank, we have to research and develop the most robust structure possible at present. We are aiming to solve this challenging problem by using an FRP structure shaped like a honeycomb.
Main product/technology outline
Mechatronics production is one of our specialties. In our manufacturing department of large and medium-sized equipment, our staff handles parts procurement, assembly/wiring, adjustment, and shipping based on customer's design drawings. There is also an on-site installation service, which has been used for LCD-related equipment, bonding equipment, and clean booths. In the trial development of honeycomb structure high-pressure hydrogen tanks using FRP, we have provided lightweight, high-strength FRP structures at low cost. The product is expected to be applied to truck containers, house roofing materials, solar water heaters, and so on.
About business matching
We are confident that we have the necessary alertness, applicability, judgment, agility, and endurance. All our excellent staff members, from young experts to skilled artisans, work hard every day, striving to achieve the best results. We feel sure that we can keep up with the latest technology, proposing the particular product and manufacturing practice that the customers need. Our company has manufactured a wide range of products, including in-cylinder washers (pipe cleaners), honeycomb panels that are made of new material, precision sheet metal, and chasses. Please contact us if you have any concerns about semiconductor equipment.

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