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Latest update: 03/04/2020 16:37:16

Takagi Mfg. Co., Ltd.

We specialize in the precision machining and brazing of native copper.

Established 70 years ago, we are a specialist manufacturer of copper parts. We can handle every stage of the work in an integrated process, from procuring the materials to machining, assembly and plating. Our water-cooled heat sinks in particular have won acclaim from many customers for the important role they play in the electronics industry. In recent years, as a pioneer in thermal products, we have been focusing on the development of our own original items.

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List of main products
Copper water-cooled heatsinks
Water-cooled plates, cold plates, water-cooled jackets, water-cooled fins, water-cooled plates

Copper water-cooled heat sinks with outstanding cooling performance. They can also be used for hot water heating. We have a lineup of standard products to accommodate any use case, from 60 mm2 to 340 mm in diameter. We can deliver in-stock items immediately, and we also sell peripheral devices, such as water cooling circulation equipment. In addition, we also accept consultations on custom-made products. Our lineup includes heatsinks in large and thin sizes, with double channels, made of aluminum, and for IGBT or LED use.
Copper heater plates
Heaters, heater blocks, hot plates

Heater plates fitted with high-performance cartridge heaters. As they are made of copper, which possesses excellent conductivity, they warm up quickly and can be heated up to 500°C–800°C. As well as our 8 types of standard product, we can also handle custom made products for use in vacuums or for heating to 1000°C We also sell products with plating treatment, built-in sensors, and systems combined with dedicated controllers.
Peltier cooling / heating units
Thermoelectric units, electronic cooling, electronic coolers

A copper Peltier unit that maximizes the performance of the elements. As well as our standard products, 60 mm square with one element for both air and water cooling, and 120 mm square with 4 elements, we can also manufacture custom-made products for very low temperatures, high temperatures, and in thin sizes. We also sell systems that combine power supplies, controllers, and water cooling circulation devices. A range of variations are possible depending on the combination of parts.
Seebeck Thermal Power Generation Units
Power generation unit, temperature differential power generation thermoelectric power generation

A Seebeck (thermal power generation) unit that generates electricity using temperature differentials. 
Various heat transfer components are incorporated into the thermoelectric elements, making it a unit that can be immediately plugged in and used to perform experiments. We also manufacture custom orders tailored to particular use cases. We also sell systems for experimental use. We have released 100 W systems and units for practical use.
Precision copper parts
Copper machining, copper products

We are engaged in the manufacture and machining of precision copper parts including heatsinks, backing plates, semiconductor components, heavy electrical components, and laser components. We can also outsource any processes that we do not perform ourselves.
Plated products
Gold plating, silver plating, nickel plating

We can apply high-quality plating to semiconductor components, heavy electrical components, and laser components, This can be done on products of a few millimeters to those of approximately 1000 mm in length.

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