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Latest update: 08/07/2020 17:39:22

Luceo Co., Ltd.

A manufacturer specializing in optical products

Luceo Co., Ltd. is an optical manufacturer that develops, manufactures and sells optical parts and optical equipment.
Since our establishment, we have developed and sold products, such as polarizing plates and wave plates (wavelength phase plates), distortion testers, and optical sensors, according to our customers' usage needs. Products developed by our company are currently in use in all industrial fields, both domestically and internationally.

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Product Line
[Polarizing plate]				We offer a wide selection of polarizing plates from visible light plates to infrared plates.
[Wavelength plate]				Our wave plate is a wavelength phase plate that uses wavelength film to achieve birefringence.
[Broadband wavelength board]			It is a wavelength phase plate that results in a fixed phase difference at a specific wavelength region when linearly polarized light enters.
[Circular polarizing plate]				It is produced by combining the films used for the polarizing plate (POLAX) and
					the wavelength plate (RETAX or HI-REATAX).
[Distortion inspector (Strain eye)]	Using the optical characteristics, it verifies whether there is a distortion in glass and plastic products, observes the distribution of the distortion if there is one, analyzes the
					direction of stress, and conducts a quantitative measurement of the distortion.
[Special device for outsourced production]		We offer to develop an original device for solving the problems of quality control and production site. Based on the requirements of each customer,
					we propose the optimal device.
[Surface stress meter and glass strength meter]	It measures the surface strength of thermally strengthened glass and chemically strengthened glass, and it qualitatively measures the strength of the glass (strength level).
[Optical equipment (For industrial lens)]	We are known for the production of optical products and optical units to be used in these products.
[Optical components (Prism)]	As a specialized optical equipment manufacturer, we offer a diverse range of optical components.
Why Lukeo is chosen
We have recorded many achievements over nearly half a century in optical component development.
 Since its establishment in 1966, Luceo Co., Ltd. has been striving to develop/produce optical components. We have a particularly advanced technology and expertise in the development/production of optical filters (polarization plate and wavelength plate) that we have been accumulating since the founding.
 We can develop optical components with special specifications following the requirements of our customers. Please use the high-quality “Luceo’s optical filter” for your research and development.
[Main customers for our optical components]
Medical device maker/printing press maker/food processing company/precision measurement device maker/microscope maker/optical measurement device maker/photographic device maker
We develop not only optical parts but also optical equipment.
 Our company utilizes the technology and expertise that we have acquired through the development/production of optical filters to develop various optical-sensor units. The visual sensor developed through full usage of the optical filter’s characteristics is particularly popular among many of our customers. In addition, we offer a distortion tester that can verify if there is a distortion in glass/plastic products, as well as their distribution. Moreover, we are capable of developing/producing equipment such as glass strength meters and striae testers (Striae catcher).
[Main products]
• Distortion tester/phase difference measurement device • glass strength meter/surface stress meter • striae tester • optical system for printers • nonlaser pointer (straight line, cross line, and point) • optical system for spectroscopic analysis • optical system for color recognition • optical system for visual recognition of robots • optical system for lighting
We can handle everything from development to manufacturing and sales.
 Our strengths include an integrated process, from the development and production of optical parts/devices to sales, for consistent services in Japan. By reducing the costs involved in outsourcing and distribution, we reduce the overall cost. At the same time, the coordination of all the steps enables quick response to the diverse requests from our customers. We offer high-level quality management. In particular, we can offer products in relatively small lots (production lots between 50 and 200) at a low price.
We are able to respond to our customers’ requirements in detail.
 Specialized knowledge is insufficient to satisfy the requirements of customers.
 To satisfy the detailed requirements of our customers, Luceo Co., Ltd. strives to improve our communication skills in addition to our specialized technology. Communication is based on the appreciation of others and the effort to earn recognition of oneself from the others. The desire to understand each other is essential. We strive to create a work environment where everyone works hard to improve their communication skills and remains free and cheerful. Our company policy is that products that can satisfy our customers can only be created in such an environment. Our attitude has earned high praise internationally, and we are receiving many requests and inquiries.

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