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Latest update: 16/11/2021 11:01:58

Z-MAX Co., Ltd.

As cooling-technology professionals, we use technology to solve problems with product development.

A manufacturer of Peltier elements and cooling units that do not require refrigerants such as CFCs and have no adverse effects on the environment. We design and manufacture not only individual modules but also units and applied products, and offer OEM of finished products.

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Peltier element
The Peltier element (Peltier module) of Z-Max has the following features.

The ultimate version of standard ceramic module.
The best balance between performance, quality, and cost.
It is durable and has long operational life.
It can accommodate types with high ΔT max, high heat absorption, and high efficiency.
It can be customized according to the purpose of the user.
Cooling units (Peltier coolers)
The following are the characteristics of the cooling unit of Z-Max.

It can accommodate everything from economical all-purpose units to customized products.
Design and development that thoroughly understands the strengths and shortcomings of the Peltier.
Staff with deep knowledge of both the elements and application goods develop the product.
Uses for Peltier elements
Food related
 Food display case/small drink case/milk cooler/hotel tray
Industrial field
 Cooling of the CRT machine/cooling of the control panel/cooling of the security camera/localized cooling of internal components of control panel/cooling of molds/supplier of air with constant temperature and humidity
Optics related
 Direct cooling of the heat source/cooling of small junction box/temperature control of photo-detection element/temperature control of laser diodes
 /cooling of the CCD camera and dehumidification and cooling of the indoor/outdoor control panel/cooling of projector/copier/security camera/circulation of cooling water tank for laser
 Small refrigerator/cooler box/beer server/wine cellar/temperature control of water tank
 /cooling of computer’s CPU/dehumidifier/minus ion generator for air conditioners, air purifiers, dryers, and electric facial treatments
Measurement/analysis related
 Cooling of thyristors/spectrophotometer/photography/chromatography/dehumidification of gas analyzers
Semiconductor related
 Circulation and filtering devices for semiconductor chemicals/low-temperature semiconductor testers/variable-temperature semiconductor testers/cooling of silicon wafers
 /ice chuck (workpiece processing/handling device)/cooling plates/ultrapure water heaters
 Cultivation of microbes/temperature control of dispenser chemicals/DNA replicators/storage of samples and reagents/ecological testers
 Autosamplers/Small incubators/small thermo-plates/Coolers for operation rooms/blood analyzers

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