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We contribute to the society by striving for infinite possibilities.

A manufacturer specializing in the surface treatment of metal parts that performs various types of plating. We offer selection of the most suitable treatment, from barrel processing and rack processing methods, depending on the product shape and size. We promote the visualization of information about quality, progress and equipment related to production, using IoT and ICT technologies.

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Optimal QCD plating service
Water treatment facilities that comply with regulations
At Komagane Denka, we engaged with the change in the wastewater quality standard of zinc effluent standard from 5 ppm to 2 ppm from early on. We have been strictly adhering to various regulations regarding the effluent standard for more than 10 years, and we have been continuing stable wastewater treatment.
In plating, measures against environmental pollution is an important issue.
We believe that efficient usage of the limited resources of this planet and returning it to the Earth in a clean state is the correct attitude of a company to continue its business.

MF filter
The cross-flow type microfilter membrane filtration system separates dirty water in the form of slurry into clean water and concentrated water. It is an advanced method of wastewater treatment.

Ion exchanger
The ion exchanger enhances the quality of collected water into a quality close to that of pure water to recycle the washing water.

Wastewater treatment facility
The wastewater treatment facility reverts the water used in plating to the quality that can clear various regulations.
We own our own automotive parts factory
We own the production line that supports the production regulations of the manufacturers.
We own a dedicated factory for the production of electronic parts for automobiles (car parts). We can accommodate various surface treatments, including complex forms.
We own a variety of barreling and rack equipment
We are equipped with a plating production line that can accommodate many purposes.
We own a barreling facility that can process both large and small barrels. We can accommodate electronics/electric machinery parts, acoustic parts, mechanical jigs and tool parts, chip resistors, and various metal products.

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