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Export to over 40 countries worldwide

A manufacturer specializing in precision potentiometers, industrial joysticks, and foot controllers. Our products are popular internationally and have recognition not only in Japan but also in other countries. Due to their excellent quality, they have been adopted by satellites, Antarctic observation vessels and submersible research vessels.

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Single rotation potentiometer (contact type, non-contact type, oil-sealed type, and non-linear function)
Multi-rotation potentiometer (contact type, non-contact type, and oil-sealed type)
Linear slide potentiometer (contact type, non-contact type, oil-sealed type, and resistor unit)
Seesaw potentiometer (contact type and non-contact type)
Motor potentiometer (A unit that combined precision potentiometer with motor and reduction gear mechanism.)
Multi dial
It is a dial dedicated to reading the number of revolutions of the multirotational potentiometer.
Joystick controller
It is an industrial multidirectional precision-control joystick that is equipped with a precision potentiometer.
Foot controller
Similar to the joystick controller, our foot controller is equipped with the precision potentiometer that we produced. It is a weak current unit product that is capable of controlling the computer it is connected to. In other words, it is a joystick controller that you operate by foot.

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