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Latest update: 03/04/2020 16:37:22

Shinwa Mekki Industry Co., Ltd

Leave all your plating needs to us!  We will do our best to meet your needs in terms of decoration, rust protection, dimensional accuracy, and hardness.

With our zinc nickel alloy plating “Sinwa ZiNT” and its highly corrosion resistant topcoat, we make the utmost efforts to provide what our customers are looking for in terms of decoration, rust protection, dimensional accuracy, and hardness, delivering products that put quality first. We have a proven track record in the fields of nickel-chromium plating for stoves and gas appliances and galvanizing for construction machinery. Since our founding in 1961, we have done business with over 200 client companies. 
Sinwa Mekki is a service manufacturing company that returns the products we receive from customers with value added. All our employees work together to deliver a wide variety of product types in small lots and short lead times. In addition, as a surface treatment company that handles chemical substances, we are engaged in corporate activities that give due consideration to the global environment. Since 2006 we have been registered and certified under the Eco Action 21 system and have been focusing our efforts on environmental activities.

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Sinwa Mekki's Processing Lineup
Sinwa ZiNT: A state-of-the-art surface treatment adopted in Japan for the first time.
Sinwa ZiNT is a zinc nickel alloy plating with a highly corrosion resistant topcoat. It is a rust-resistant surface treatment, and the first in Japan to use a topcoat. 
◇ Features of Sinwa ZiNT
Sinwa ZiNT is a unique surface treatment from Sinwa Mekki. Not only does it use a zinc nickel alloy plating that is over 10 times more corrosion resistant than typical anti-rust zinc plating, it also applies a high resistance topcoat. The plating speed is also quick, allowing for cost reduction in rust-proof plating. 
◇ What is a high-corrosion resistance topcoat? 
We have introduced, for the first time in Japan, a high-corrosion resistance topcoat developed by Pavco, a leading US surface treatment company. When the top coat is applied, corrosion resistance more than doubles in comparison to when zinc nickel alloy plating is used alone.
◇ What is Sinwa ZiNT? 
Sinwa ZiNT is a surface treatment for protecting iron from rust. It consists of zinc, nickel and a topcoat.
Other plating and surface treatments
◆Nickel-chrome plating
Nickel plating
Nickel-chrome plating
Automated line for mass production
[Compatible sizes for mass production] 450 x 300 x 1200 h
We can work with iron, copper, and copper alloy stainless steel. 
We mainly plate brass parts for gas appliances and iron parts for heaters. We return our customers' products to them with a wealth of expertise and thorough inspection. 
◆Zinc plating
Acid zinc bath (chloride bath)
Manual production line
[Compatible size] 200 x 2000 x 800 h
RoHS compliant
Trivalent colored chromate
Trivalent black chromate
Hexavalent chromate
・Bright chromate (unichrome)
・Colored chromate (yellow)
・Black chromate
Taking advantage of the characteristics of acidic zinc baths, we specialize in plating casted products. Taking advantage of the features of a manual production line, we work on each individual piece, eliminating any unplated areas and air pockets and returning the products to the customer. 
◆ Electroless nickel plating
[ Tank size ] 400 x 500 x 400 h
This supports plating of iron, copper, copper alloys and stainless steel. Hardness can be increased to HV800 using a baking oven. Although the tank is small, in response to our customers' requests, we can perform film thickness control in units of 1μm. 
◆Non-ferrous metal cleaning treatment
<Selected for the 2013 revised new monozukuri subsidy>
In November 2014, we began using a new, environmentally friendly method for cleaning nonferrous metals, a process that originally used trichloroethylene. As a result, the environmental impact is greatly reduced, and its greening of the supply chain has won acclaim from many of our business partners. 
◆ Bonderizing
Lubrication film treatment for cold forging of aluminum. Our automatic prodution line for aluminum materials started operation on June 21st, 2004. 
◆Electroless nickel plating / gold plating for die-cast aluminum
<Selected for the 2014 revised new monozukuri subsidy>
Aluminum die casting has been attracting attention in recent years as it enhances the heat dissipation of electronic components. We perform electroless nickel plating to improve the corrosion resistance of the material, then hard gold plating to improve its solderability. We also offer low-phosphorus electroless nickel plating solutions for even better solderability. We inspect electronic components in dedicated plants and non-dust rooms. We have also developed a partial gold-plating process in order to reduce the amount of gold used. 
◆Acid / High-Ni zinc nickel alloy plating
<Currently under development. The equipment will be deployed in August 2016 in preparation for operation in the fall. >
This will be a joint venture with PAVCO, a leading surface treatment company in the US. In addition to the acid and zinc plating techniques that we have developed over the years, we want to make use of our expertise in rack treatment and manual plating lines, rare in Japan, for the latest zinc nickel alloy plating. Making use of outdated plating technology in state-of-the-art plating technology is a challenge, but we believe that it is a technique that only we are capable of applying. We will strive to do what we can to help our customers with the eternal challenge facing industry: that of rusting iron. 
◆ Other
・Experimental nickel barrel plating
・Experimental gloss tin plating

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