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Oriental Engineering Co., Ltd.

Total heat treatment support for customers - With an abundance of experience, we can provide any kind of consultation on heat treatment from hardware to software. 

We are a manufacturer specializing in heat treatment. We provide total support for heat treatment for customers from the design and manufacture of various heat treatment equipment to processing, maintenance and various other services. Our  staff, specializing in hardware to software, can respond to all requests regarding heat treatment.	

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Designing and manufacturing of various heat treatment equipment
Vacuum heat treatment furnace
NEOVIA equipped with an atmosphere control system
Vacuum carburizing furnace:  NEOVIA is a vacuum carburizing furnace that manages high-performance vacuum carburizing with the same ease as gas carburizing. This is a new way of carburizing processing that enables atmosphere management support.
 Carburizing and quenching, carburizing and nitriding and quenching, CD carburizing and quenching, bright quenching, titanium carburizing, and stainless steel carburizing and carburizing and annealing
The basic specifications of the vacuum carburizing furnace NEOVIA are as follows:
 Processing capacity: 200 to 600 kg/gross
 Service temperature: 800 to 1050 ºC
 Heating method: Electric resistance heating
 Cooling method: Oil cooling and gas cooling
<Equipment name> Batch type vacuum carburizing furnace NEOVIA
<Features> This furnace has two atmosphere sensors and always maintains the optimum atmosphere by controlling the degree of gas decomposition and the generation of soot. The furnace has succeeded the superior features of carburizing, such as high quality,, energy saving, and good work environment.
■ Covak - Vacuum quenching furnace pursuing ease of use
High performance vacuum quenching furnace Covak supports the following processing:
 Die (alloy tool steel) quenching, high speed steel quenching, martensitic stainless steel quenching, solid solution, brazing, annealing, high temperature tempering.
The basic speciation's of the high performance vacuum quenching furnace are as follows:
 Processing capacity: 25-600kg /gross
 Normal temperature:
 750-1300 ℃ Heating method: Electric resistance heating
 Cooling method: Gas cooling /Pressurized gas cooling
<Equipment name> Batch vacuum quenching furnace 
<Equipment type> VHC type (Standard type)
VHP type (Pressurized gas cooling type)
RVHC type (Two-chamber pressurized gas cooling type)
The superior bright tempering furnace (Model BBT) is also available for tempering. 
[Features of BBT: Heating in a nitrogen atmosphere and heating evenly at low temperatures for short-time uniform heating. ]
SPERIA furnace
■ Speria for high quality in a comfortable environment at low cost
Vacuum nitrogen replacement dramatically improves atmosphere stability, enhances safety, and facilitates intermittent operations.
The Superior Series supports the following processing:
 Carburizing quenching, bright quenching, gas soft nitriding, nitriding, bright annealing, isothermal annealing, spheroidizing annealing, bright annealing, bright tempering, carburizing annealing, brazing, solid solution, and precipitation hardening
The following equipment types are available from the Superior Series:
 Batch type, straight through type, trap pusher type, roller hearth type, pit type, and bell type
 Heating method: Electric heating and tube type burner heating
 Cooling method: Oil cooling, forced gas cooling, and slow cooling
<Equipment names>
・ Superior batch type gas carbonitriding furnace
・ Superior batch type bright quenching furnace
・ Superior batch type gas nitrocarburizing furnace
<Applications>Carburizing and quenching, carburizing and quenching, bright quenching, soft nitriding and nitriding
<Basic specifications>
Processing capacity
 200, 400, 600, and  1000kg/gross
Working temperature
 Hardening 800 ~ 1050 ℃
Soft nitriding 550 ~ 600 ℃
 Injection (carburizing)
Nitrogen (quenching)
\Ammonia, nitrogen, carbon dioxide (soft nitriding)
Atmosphere control
 CP CP control and Po2 control by Po2
《Other equipment》
・ Superior batch annealing furnace
・ Superior tray pusher type annealing furnace
・ Superior straight-through carburizing furnace
・ Peria type straight-through nitrocarburizing furnace
・ Superior pit type annealing furnace
・ Superior pit type gas nitrocarburizing furnace
Atmosphere furnace
■ Unic series Atmospheric heat treatment furnace of Oriental Engineering
Drip injection carburizing and nitrogen-based nitrocarburizing, creating a dazzling rich experience and technology.
・ 《UNIC Series》 Heat treatment furnace
 Uni case: Batch type gas carbonitriding furnace
 UNIC: Dit injection type gas carbonitriding furnace
 Mesh belt type dropping type gas carbonitriding furnace
 Unitite: Batch type nitrogen-based gas nitrocarburizing furnace
 Pit type nitrogen-based gas nitrocarburizing furnace
《Equipment name》 Batch type drip injection type gas carbonitriding furnace
<< Application >> Carburizing/Carburizing/Nitriding/Hardening
《Basic specifications》
 200 ・ 400 ・ 600 ・ 1000kg/gross
Working temperature
 800-950 ℃
Heating method
 Electric heating/tube type burner heating
 Dropping atmosphere
 Atmosphere control
 CP CP control by Po2
 Quenching and cooling
 Oil cooling
《Other equipment》
・ Mesh belt type gas carbonitriding furnace
・ Batch type nitrogen-based gas nitrocarburizing furnace
・ Pit type drip injection type gas carbonitriding furnace
・ Pit type nitrogen-based gas nitrocarburizing furnace
Heat treatment, coating, integrated processing, and services
Heat treatment to carburizing and vacuum heat treatment
■ Carburizing
Atmospheric heat treatment: Quality, technology, experience and achievements As an expert of atmospheric heat treatment at Oriental Engineering, we respond to your requests with our heat treatment technology cultivated over many years.
■ Vacuum heat treatment
Vacuum heat treatment of oriental engineering supported by solid technology from metal to vacuum carburization
We will always meet your needs with our abundant vacuum heat treatment technology cultivated by plasma CVD coating, vacuum carburizing, pressurized gas cooling, vacuum gas replacement method, etc.
Metal surface treatment Alpha Logos forms the most suitable coating film according to the application.
<Alpha Rogos P-CVD Ceramic coating using plasma CVD coating equipment developed in-house. The world's first and first full-scale mass production of plasma CVD coating. We respond with a wealth of experience, types of coating films, and reliable quality control. >
■ Titanium coating
Alpha Logos P-CVD: Various coating films are optimally formed from a wealth of experience.
Oriental Engineering's coatings always form the most suitable coatings for the most demanding applications of molds and tools.
Special nitriding treatment: Supporting special applications, such as mold nitriding, nitriding agent nitriding, low temperature nitriding
Pearl Night enables gas nitriding of stainless steel and gas nitriding at 400 to 450 ºC without pre-treatment of nitride alpha. This is optimum for molds that are used severely and require wear resistance and heat check resistance.
■ DLC coating
Alpha Logos S-DLC: Next-generation tribo coating film
Oriental Engineering's diamond-like carbon film coating S-DLC is developed in-house. Forms an amazingly low coefficient of friction film with excellent adhesion.
Integrated processing
Achieves quality, low cost, and quick delivery, and is an integrated processing system for oriental engineering. Processing under unified management, from material arrangement to processing, heat treatment, finishing, product inspection and delivery.

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