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Latest update: 21/04/2021 13:32:16

Tanaka Tekkosho Co., Ltd.

Machining and grinding small-diameter precision parts made from extremely difficult-to-machine materials

Our biggest feature is not our expertise in the processing of specific materials but our expertise in grinding and machining various types of materials.
We accept enquiries from customers of a wide variety of industry types because we can support everything from trial manufacturing of extremely difficult-to-machine materials (tungsten, pure molybdenum, and tantalum), pure materials (nickel, iron, and copper), ferrous materials (S-C, SK, SCM, SUM, SS, SKS, SKD, and SKH), nonferrous materials (A5056, A6061, A5052, A7075, C1020, C1100, Beryllium copper, ABB1, and 2), all resins, SUS-based materials (SUS303, 304, 316, 310S, 416, 630, 420J2, 329J4L, and 440C), nickel-based alloys (Inconel 600s/700s, Hastelloy, and Kovar: AMS standard and ASTM standard) to medium volumes of parts (up to 1000). Even in regard to estimates, we endeavor to respond in a way that is unlike other companies in the same industry, by providing a specific proposal and detailed content;
therefore, for our customers, irrespective of whether they enter a contract, the estimate is of use as a reference and is extremely useful when meeting with third parties.
We look forward to not only providing an estimate but also to discussing your concerns regarding the quality of materials, shape, and cost.


Sales Pitch

Customers, are you worried about such cases?
Existing suppliers can handle specific materials; however, materials that have no track record will be shunned.
Please leave it to us. We have a track record in trial manufacturing using materials with various qualities through to mass production, and we will respond to your requests with kindness and care, so you can consult with us with peace of mind.
Despite requesting a quotation, the content of the quote itself lacks detailed content and lacks clarity.
Please leave it to us. The content of our estimates includes aspects that the customer may not even be aware of, such as points of uncertainty that we sense from the content of the drawings, the points of the proposal, and details on the material quality, with detailed notes, so the contents can be explained in an easy-to-understand manner to a third party, giving peace of mind.
Even if we are small in scale, we would like to attempt conducting business with you. 
Have peace of mind. We are also a small plant with a small number of people.
We understand that feeling well. When you request an estimate from us, no job is too big or small. Feel free to consult with us. As a supplementary item, when requesting an estimate, present detailed specifications of the drawing, notes, and the purpose of use (please disclose as much as possible). If the details are unknown, we may not be able to provide an estimate; therefore; we ask for your understanding.




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