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Leading the industry with comprehensive surface technology and engineering	

Our company contributes to the development of such advanced industries as semiconductors, vacuum equipment, electronic equipment, and precision analysis equipment with our unique polishing technology at the core. We also contribute to general industries, such as automobiles, electric home appliances, metal parts. Our main products are abrasives and polishing equipment. We provide functional surface technology for all shapes and materials.	

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Sales Pitch

Creating new things with challenging polishing technology
Tool making business
[Abrasive materials business]
We started our corporate history as a manufacturer specializing in buffing abrasives. We are currently developing and handling various abrasive materials. Our company selects, combines, and develops abrasive materials and auxiliary materials of the most suitable materials and shapes for workpieces scientifically using our original evaluation equipment.

[Polishing system business]
The polishing process is delayed most in mechanization and automation for manufacturing. The rationalization of the polishing process by mechanization, automation, and laymanship provides a system that is optimally realized without any polishing experience.
TCCS business (total clean control business)
[Consignment polishing and total processing business]
We provide all high-precision, high-performance surfaces required for important parts of precision equipment represented by semiconductor manufacturing equipment. We undertake everything from process design to actual polishing and surface treatment from the viewpoint of optimization.

[Precision part and module business]
In particular, we provide integrated parts and strategic modules that require high functionality through process design to actual machining processes from the perspective of total optimization.
	Polishing machines

■ Features
・ Shift from dependence on craftsmen to complete in-house production through mechanization and automation
・ Clean design structure that breaks 3K image of polishing
・ Long life polishing with a compact and lightweight polishing head
・ Abundant variations corresponding to various work shapes (variable type and volume; small-lot, multi-product production)
・ Simple system to replace a polishing head and other items for changes in work

■ Implementation examples
・ Automotive parts
・ Decorations
・ Architecture related (Housing hardware)
・ Sporting goods
· Two wheels
・ Industrial equipment parts

■ Polishing head/attachment
・ Vertical head
・ Horizontal head
・ Disc type head

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