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Latest update: 05/02/2020 14:39:57

Waki Factory Inc.

Oblique wave surface irregularities have transformed common sense about thermal design!

Our company has been cultivating technology for precision press molding since its foundation, and we manufacture efficient heat exchangers. Rectangular SUS tubes 0.1 mm thick are molded with precision press technology and brazed to manufacture heat exchangers. Heat exchangers with oblique wave surface irregularities were developed by Prof. Shikazono of Tokyo University. They will hopefully spread to various fields as a new heat transmission technology as an alternative to the state-of-the-art effect of slit fins, louver fins, and other tools used in conventional practice.

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Sales Pitch

Overview of our business areas, products, and technologies
Business areas and main products
[Business areas]
Precision heat exchanger manufacturing and sales

[Main products]
Commissioned prototyping of micro heat exchangers and various high-performance heat exchangers
Heat exchangers with oblique wave surface fins protect against fin clogging and help reduce the size and weight of products.
<Core technology for manufacturing oblique wave surface fins>
1) Technology for hot pressing and servo pressing with thin SUS sheets
2) Brazing of thin SUS sheets
Oblique wave surface irregularities increase heat transmission and reduce pressure losses!
<Features, etc.>

1) Precision pressing (cold forming) of a thin SUS sheet (0.1 mm thick) to form oblique wave surface irregularities. 
(Typical machining dimensions: angle of surface irregularities, 30; amplitude, 0.5)

2) Example of a test for surface irregularities with corrugated fin heat exchanger
1) Heat transmission:
Without surface irregularities, times 1; with surface irregularities, times 2-3
2) Air-side pressure loss:
Without surface irregularities, times 1; with surface irregularities, times 1
--> Excels at heat transmission and resistant to pressure loss (highly unlikely to clog)

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