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Ohmura Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Ohmura Seisakusho metal machining — from parts for driving from parts for flying

・We work to meet our customers' expectations with internally developed products, ultra-fine droplet two-fluid nozzles, various kinds of engine piston and the machining of prototype parts. 
・ We can handle everything from difficult-to-cut materials to light alloys, including Inconel, titanium, magnesium, and more. 
・ We can mass-produce hundreds of thousands of pieces per month from a single prototype. 
We can offer all kinds of metal machining, regardless of material and quantity, from drilling holes 0.06 to 1250 in diameter, lathe machining of thin materials, and parts for agricultural, automobile, plant and aerospace applications.

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Ohmura Seisakusho's Technology
Ultra-fine droplet two-fluid nozzles
■ Custom-made nozzle manufacturing
In nozzles, where ready-made products and catalog products used to dominate, we provide made-to-order service from a single piece and upwards. We provide spray nozzles for use in various industries, including automobiles. From design and prototyping, the nozzles are made to order in accordance with the customer's requests. We can accommodate your specification requirements in terms of material used, size, flow rate, pressure, droplet size, etc.  
Characteristics of the two-fluid nozzles in which we specialize 
- Ultra-low pressure enables energy saving and reduction of operating noise -
Ultra-low pressure spray (20 kPa / 0.2 atm) allows for compact pump capacity
(1)Power consumption reduction → Energy savings 
(2)Reduction of air volume → Reductions in operating noise 
・ Small-quantity sprays from 2 cc/m 
・ Fine sprays with droplet size of 10 microns 
・ Wide spray angle of 110 degrees 
For example, when used in an office, it can spread micro-mist throughout the room without affecting OA equipment at all. 
■ Usable in a wide variety of fields
We began by designing and prototyping nozzles through joint development with JAXA, and we have honed our techniques.  
Our nozzles can be installed in a variety of fields, including automobiles, aerospace, clothing, food, consumer devices, agriculture, and horticulture.  
In factories, for example, we can propose a variety of ways to use the nozzles, such as spraying release agents, cleaning electronic components, and removing various fine particles.
High-precision pistons
■ High-precision that only Ohmura can provide
Even today, with the automation of metal cutting using 5-axis machine centers, machining pistons requires work by an engineer with a lathe. By making its own machine tools in-house and using the unique expertise it has built up over the years, Ohmura Seisakusho has achieved high precision in piston manufacturing. Utilizing our technological capabilities, we can design and prototype in accordance with your requests. 
■ New forms born from past achievements
Making use of Ohmura's experience of mass producing pistons for a wide range of industries, including automobiles and aviation, we can handle design and prototyping for two-wheel engines, general-purpose engines, compressors, consumer equipment, motorbikes, and small devices.
Large mechanical parts
■ Extensive facilities
With some of the leading large (over 1 m) machine tools (vertical lathes) in the country, dedicated in-house machines, and plants held at a constant temperature for precision machining, we work every day to improve the quality of our products, taking on the manufacture of even large components. We can also perform cutting (up to 1,200 mm in diameter) of difficult-to-cut materials such as inconel and magnesium. 
■ A wealth of experience and achievements
With machining techniques that we have cultivated since our founding and our unique expertise on waviness prevention measures, we are constantly pursuing high-quality performance. Even today, we are still involved in the design and manufacture of mechanical parts in various industries and fields.  
[ Examples of our achievements ] 
・Aircraft engine parts, rocket engine parts, and other related parts in the aerospace industry
・Wheels for two-wheeled and four-wheel vehicles 
・Old diesel injection parts, etc.
■ Our attitude to tacking challenges
For many years, Ohmura Seisakusho has been taking on the challenge of producing highly difficult metal parts, including for the aerospace industry. Our value lies in always providing the best proposals and solutions for each of our customer's problems, and we take pleasure in doing so. Even today, we perform our daily tasks with the aim of improving our techniques and services.
Ohmura Seisakusho's Products
Mass-produced Products
■ Technology & Parts
What makes our mass production line special is that it combines dedicated machines built in-house with purchased general-purpose machines to build our products at low cost. We devise methods of production tailored to the quantity and quality and quality of the product, ensuring optimal costs.  In addition, our Niigata Plant also performs hot forging, while our Karako Plant also incorporates a polishing line. These allow us to perform integrated production from materials to finished goods.  
[ Products ]
・Automotive drive parts
・Common rail injector pump parts for diesel engines
■ Production sites
Our production line was born as the result of production site improvement initiatives. We believe that time is money, and taking "eliminate, reduce, and change" as our slogan, we have conducted improvement initiatives based on a completely bottom-up approach. What this slogan represents is that we ask whether we can eliminate or reduce a particular process, and if that is impossible, we ask whether we can change it somehow. Our production line was born from repeated improvements made from this perspective.  
In order for work to proceed efficiently, the people on the ground push through improvements themselves. This desire is put to use in dedicated machines made by our Technical Department's Engineering Machinery Group, which are combined with general purpose machines to create the production lines that characterize our factories.  
■ Forging
Our Niigata Plant in Gosen City, Niigata Prefecture, is also equipped with a forge. This conducts upset forging, a type of hot forging. This forging method is especially suitable for objects with shafts. There are also some products that are forged and cut at the Niigata Plant, then finished with polishing at the Karako Plant.
Non-mass-produced Products (Custom Products)
■ Technology & Parts
After our customers design things that have never existed in the world and present them to us as blueprints, we give them a concrete form. At the department responsible for custom manufacturing, highly skilled technicians use high-precision machines including general-purpose machines, NC lathes, and machining centers as appropriate to create valuable new products. While we are always deploying the latest technology, we believe that craftsmanship is the key to using it effectively. This forms the prototype of our vision of the future: an "amusement factory" that produces customer's concepts.  
 Our precision components, produced with high precision and in complex shapes, are used in aircraft and space rockets that feature the most advanced engineering technology. Despite being made as thin as possible to reduce weight, these components must withstand severe conditions such as extreme temperature changes, from minus hundreds of degrees to thousands of degrees, and speeds of 300 kilometers per hour.  
 Therefore, these parts are sometimes heat-resistant steel, such as inconel, and sometimes light metals, such as titanium and magnesium. 
  Using the the latest technology and the skills that we have honed since the founding of the company, we deal with cast products, molded products, and products machined from bar stock in all kinds of materials.  
■ Production site
Today, NC-controlled machine tools such as CNC lathes and machining centers dominate the industry. We too have a 5-axis machining center and a vertical NC lathe with a chuck diameter of 1m.  However, what we mainly use are standard lathes. It is because we have the skills to master these standard lathes that we can use the latest technology effectively.  
■ Our products
Based on our precision machining technology, we have developed the "SPN85H Series Pressure Swirl Fuel Nozzle" for gas turbines. The heat-resistant design makes it possible to test fuel and also install it on actual gas turbines. It is equipped with atomization characteristics and spray pattern data provided by a laser CT spray structure analyzer. Its shape can be modified in accordance with the use case.
Dedicated machines
Our production line achieves high efficiency and low costs by combining dedicated machines built in-house with purchased general-purpose machines.  
 Our first dedicated machine was produced in 1966. This was the result of gradually building up the knowledge to produce our own dedicated machines by repairing general-purpose machines.  
 The concept on which we base our production of dedicated machines is one of avoiding destruction. We bring out the maximum output with the minimum input, using our own hands to build machines that are kind to people and the environment,

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