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Latest update: 04/02/2019 13:00:38

Realop Corporation

Lean from the real word, and create a technology that refelcts the real world.

The strength of our company is in our development of image processing algorithms that use example-based super-resolution (machine learning). 

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Sales Pitch

Optical learning technology learns from the lens design data, and eliminates all kinds of distortion and blurring
Conventional aberration correction technologies often found in offline editing machines lower resolution and deteriorate image quality, which sometimes results in degraded image quality. Our technology conducts optical simulation from the lens design data, and learns the results using advanced example-based super-resolution technology to reproduce high-quality images without aberration or distortion.
Evaluation with the quantitative evaluation method PSNR shows that it achieves about 40 dB. This technology enhances quality by about 4 dB compared to images that underwent only distortion aberration correction. The resulting image quality is as good as high-quality industrial codecs like Apple ProRes.
Our technology can be applied to all kinds of optical systems, including single-lens reflex cameras, action cameras, surveillance cameras, endoscopes, automobiles, smartphones, and microscopes. It also helps reduce the cost, size, and even the workload when designing lenses. You can apply this technology to improve 3D measurement accuracy or the image recognition rate for robots and drones.

Other presentation

We take the characteristics of the hardware and GPU into consideration while developing algorithms, based on years of experience in the field. 

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