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A professional group that rises to the challenge of creating a technology that is suitable for the 21st century.

A manufacturer of cutting tools and CNC tool grinders. We respond to the needs of various industrial fields including automobiles, construction machinery, aerospace, medical care and electronics.

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Sales Pitch

Special tool
We provide ideal made-to-order tools that match the requirements of our customers.
We can accommodate diverse orders, including production of drills, reamers, end mills and cutters. Please feel free to make an inquiry.
We can produce tools in both high-speed steel and carbide.
We can also accommodate many types of coating.

Special drill
Straight shank long drill
Four-groove core drill
Shank W margin drill with screw
Starting drill

Step drill/Subland drill

Oil-hole reamer
Straight shank reamer
Shank reamer with screw

End mill/Cutter
End mill
Countersink with screws
NC tool grinding plate "TGR-016 series"
The TGR-016 series is an NC tool grinder that is particularly used for the sharpening of tool blades.
All of them are equipped with an interactive programing software and a drill-package software.
It is particularly adept at honing
the edge of carbide drill blades (negative land).

Although it is small and has a low price, it enables high quality sharpening of tool blades.
As it does not require a compressor or hydraulic pump, it contributes to the reduction of electricity costs.
A new curved cover with wider opening was adapted to improve workability.

The robot hanging from the ceiling is used for transportation to pursue efficient usage of space.
A method of horizontally placing 30 pallets was adapted, making the exchange of pallets between sizes unnecessary. You can also choose from three types of work head,
based on the processing required.

The robot transportation and method of vertically placing 100 pallets were adapted to further improve manpower savings and productivity, and enabled accommodation of large lots.
You can choose between the two types of pull collets for the work head based on the processing required.
NC tool grinding plate "TGR-250 / TGR-200"
TGR-250/TGR-200 is the famous bestseller NC tool grinder of Utsunomiya Seisakusho.
It has a sophisticated user interface and expandability, and it will continue to evolve.

Using the experience earned through TGR-200, direct drive motor is used for its rotational axis to reduce backlash.
A built-in type grindstone spindle is employed to improve the roughness of the processed surface. Moreover, by adapting scale as the standard equipment of the straight axis,
it became capable of more precise processing.

It is the base machine for the five-axis-controlled NC tool grinder. It pursues efficient processing of production and repolishing of cutting tools.
In combination with a sophisticated processing program, it achieves high productivity.
We renewed the internal mechanism completely to cut the negative effect of the grinding sludge, which is the biggest obstacle for precise processing. The drive unit is placed outside the grinding chamber.
The new layout uses concentrated positioning.
It can also set many options for the entire processing of long drills, whose market requirements are increasing.

Needless to say, it is equipped with a direct drive motor and scale as the standard.
We also developed a grinding stone/nozzle automatic exchange device (optional).
U shaft + double push mechanism work reception device for entire processing of long drills is also available (optional).
* As a super-long setting option, we have processed a drill with total length of 600 mm.
While it shares the axis composition with the TGR series, it adapted another layout to pursue further reduction of size.
It has the best processing stability among the machines of Utsunomiya Seisakusho.
The direct drive motor was adapted for rotational axes (A axis/C axis).
Scale is the standard equipment of the straight axis.
It can process tools of diameter φ1 and upward.
The same processing program used in the TGR series can be used.

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