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Latest update: 15/11/2019 15:56:44

Niigata Precision Co., Ltd.

Seeking better QCDS based on 'heart-to-heart'

Our company provides products that are "better than expected by customers" by making the most of monozukuri (manufacturing) that pursues precision products and drawing fully upon our design capability strengths.

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Sales Pitch

Business description and product and technology introduction
Business description and features
Our company conducts precision metal working and automatic machine production under an integrated system by making the most of cutting, grinding, wire discharge, and die-sinking EDM. Our main business are precision metal working, carbide and ceramics machining, and automatic machine production. Each department cleans their space daily and assigned staff clean shared space to keep the factory clean, corner to corner. The factory temperature is kept constant at about 25℃ throughout the year due to precision parts being handled there. It's a comfortable environment.
Outline of products and technology
Our company manufactures a great variety of precision metal products in small volumes by making the most of various metal working techniques. We propose optimum materials and techniques to meet customer requests for metal products.
Our company also manufactures a great variety of carbide and ceramic products in small volumes by making the most of various machining techniques. We propose optimum materials and techniques to meet customer requests on carbide and ceramic products.
Come to us for automatic machine production, from designing and manufacturing to assembling customized automatic machines of precision parts.
Toward matching
We were born as a company of precision metal working and took the first step toward the manufacturing world. With "Growth in the world of craftsmen" as our philosophy, we have been endeavoring to keep our company alive and toward the happiness of the company staff and their families. Our company aims at a precision machining capability of finishing parts by "technology and technique" and "skill and sensitivity." We think users will be completely satisfied only with thought-out parts produced by using technology polished over many years and incorporating sensitivity. Our basic policy for automatic machine production is "Simple is the best." While having close communications with customers, we are striving to meet, as much as possible, customer expectations by using our abundant design capabilities and going forth with an everlasting pursuit of functions.

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