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Latest update: 10/03/2020 13:40:25

Keihin Co., Ltd.

Total solution for fluid control in valves & engineering	

Our company develops, manufactures, and sells various automatic valves and watering equipment. In the valve system business, we have a wide lineup of products. They are electromagnetic valves, electric ball valves, electronic flow rate regulating valves, constant flow valves, check valves, pneumatic valves, manual valves and other (unit compatible) products. We are constantly working on new technology development, and also respond to the need for new development and customization of valves.

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Providing various valve products based on strong technical capabilities
Wide variety of products
Our company has a wide lineup of products from electromagnetic valves, electric ball valves, pneumatic valves, and check valves to electronic flow rate regulating valves, flow control valves, and level control valves. A wide range of specifications are available, from general-purpose products to special products, including ones with special specifications, such as high pressure of 20 MPa, low temperature of -196℃, and high temperature of 250℃. With our wealth of experience and advanced technology, we can respond to the development of new valves tailored to various applications.	
Developing products with special structures	
Our company had developed products with special functions and structures. The products include a flow control valve  and an electronic flow rate regulating valve capable of fine flow control. The flow control valve automatically keeps a constant flow rate even when the differential pressure changes.

[Flow control valve]
This valve automatically adjusts the flow rate at a predetermined constant flow rate, even if there is a change in pressure difference (pressure change) before and after the valve is widely used in restaurants for water conservation, housing equipment, oil plants, etc.

[Electronic flow rate regulating valve]
The electronic flow rate regulating valve can control flow rate finely between 4 and 20 mA. The valve has a resolution of 1:500 and a rangeability of 1:20. This is used for test equipment and flow control in equipment.

[Level control valve]
Keihin's original structure allows space-saving control inside the tank. It is also strong in chattering and used for water level control on ships.	
Supporting Japan's Infrastructure with Advanced Technology	
We provide valve products for power station facilities, railway vehicles (conventional and Shinkansen), petroleum related equipment, and others that require high quality control.
They are used widely in the field of stores, buildings, and various devices that make fluids flow, such as water, oil, air, gas, and steam.	

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