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From the design and construction of telecommunications equipment to the installation support and maintenance of photovoltaic power generation systems	

In 1947, Marutsu Dempa started out in business selling light bulbs. In 1967, we started the telecommunications construction business through the retail of electrical parts and the sale of electrical home appliances after that. In addition, we launched a new energy business by utilizing the know-how of Marutsu Dempa. We plan to expand our business overseas from a long-term perspective. Through these business developments, we aim to provide ever greater support to the local community.

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Installation, maintenance, and management of information facilities and telecommunications facilities to energy business and solution services
Installation, maintenance, and management of information facilities and telecommunications facilities	
For safe and secure living, we support the local community with reliable technology. For example, road conditions and river water levels must be managed not only in emergency situations but also on a daily basis to prevent damage from heavy rainfall and other disasters. We have installed and are now maintaining the following information and telecommunications equipment on most rivers and national roads in Fukui Prefecture. We deliver everyday information that will help you live and protect your everyday life.
Anti-disaster prevention equipment for rivers and dams
・ Dam and weir management equipment: Performing calculations and discharge operations to support dam and weir management
・ River telemeter equipment: Transmitting rainfall and water level data and collecting information necessary to manage rivers
・ Discharge warning equipment: Making announcements and sounding sirens to inform people in rivers when water is released from adams or weirs.
・ Radar rainfall observation equipment: Observing rainfall intensity over a wide area using radio waves. Used for river and dam water level prediction and disaster response.
・ Municipal disaster prevention equipment: Securing communication and information transmission in the event of a disaster
・ Multiple wireless equipment:  Wireless equipment that transmits and receives large volumes of information using microwaves
・ Earthquake satellite communication equipment: Securing wireless lines quickly wherever the equipment-mounted vehicles can go
Disaster prevention equipment for roads and other
・ Road telemeter equipment: 
・ Highway radio equipment ……… Broadcast equipment that provide only road traffic information on expressways.
・ Road information board equipment ……………… This equipment provides construction, traffic and weather information for safe and comfortable use of roads.
Road/tunnel lighting equipment …… Lighting equipment installed inside roads and tunnels to use roads safely and comfortably.
・ Radio rebroadcasting equipment ………… A facility that enables radio broadcasts to be heard even in tunnels and provides forcible disaster information in the event of an accident or fire.
・ Tunnel emergency alert system ……… A facility that immediately notifies other drivers of an accident that has occurred in the tunnel and informs related agencies.
Construction, maintenance and inspection related to energy systems
・ Gas air conditioning (GHP) equipment ... Economical and comfortable to cool and heat by driving a gas engine using city gas and propane gas. ・ Generator equipment ... Equipment to supply.
・ Uninterruptible power supply equipment This equipment supplies electricity in the event of a power outage. Protect your computer and critical electronic equipment from sudden power outages.
New energy business
Global warming and other environmental issues are critical for humankind. We have started the New Energy Project to challenge ourselves to create new technologies useful for society by taking advantage of the technology and know-how of Marutsu Dempa. We are engaged in various energy businesses to create a recycling-oriented society through the decentralization and diversification of energy. We will continue to challenge for a future where people can live with peace of mind.

Awara Mikuni Morimori Biomass P
・Implementation of three  woody biomass boilers and one pellet stove
Our company installed a Wood Chip Boiler No.1 at an inn in Awara Hot Spring, No.2 at a hotel in Mikunicho, and Unit 3 at a hotel in Awara Hot Spring. The heat sources are used for hot water supply, such as showers. The equipment for measuring the amount of heat and the remote monitoring system have been implemented. The equipment and system have been operating efficiently and stably during maintenance. A total of six wood stoves and pellet stoves were installed at inns in Awara Hot Spring and other. We will keep working to spread woody biomass energy throughout the region.
・ Marutsu Forest
Our company acquired a forest in Takeda, Maruoka-machi, Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture. We will demonstrate line-thinning as an approach to the effective use of wood fuel for broad-leaved forests and efficient forest cutting.

Photovoltaic power generation
Utilizing the FIT system, we develop, construct, maintain, and operate a photovoltaic power generation facility (equipment) in the company.
We purchase surplus digestive gas generated at the digestive gas power generation purification center, and utilize our FIT system to develop and operate our own design, construction, maintenance and operation business for digestive gas power generation equipment. 〇Consulting, designing, implementing and maintaining small-scale micro-hydropower systems utilizing small-scale
hydropower and micro-hydropower
dams and rivers. [Maximum output 0.1kw]
〇 Fuel cell cogeneration system
homes in the design and construction of the fuel cell cogeneration system that has been introduced, it is the maintenance business.	
and solution 
Solution services-Realize all services related to electronic measuring instruments!	
Our company investigates the ever-changing global market of used measuring instruments to provide our customers with the best service and technology. We will focus on responding to the diverse needs of measuring instruments from engineers who support information and communication technology. We will work with a higher level of consciousness while making full use of the various experiences that we have cultivated to this point.
Our ideal is to realize “One Stop Solutions” that satisfy our customers by applying wisdom and ingenuity to all demands of measuring instruments. We sincerely aim to become a valuable company and expand into new business areas with a strong desire.
・ Sale of used and new measuring instruments
・ Repair and purchase of measuring instruments
・ Purchase of measuring instruments

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