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Latest update: 01/11/2021 13:01:50

I u system Co.,Ltd.

We have been protecting food safety for half a century.

Refrigerated warehouses use a lot of electricity to store deposited cargo at low temperatures. However, with global warming becoming a concern recently due to the increase in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, it has become necessary to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to combat global warming. Therefore, iusystem strives to contribute to society by thoroughly decreasing electricity consumption as part of our low-carbon, global warming prevention activities.

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Protecting Food Safety with Technology Cultivated over 50 Years
[Insulation Work and Freezing/Refrigerating Warehouse Equipment]
Construction Method (conventional method)
This method uses materials manufactured and quality-controlled in JIS-approved factories to form moisture- and heat-proof layers. It is suitable for long-term storage as the materials do not change much over time. The method also has the advantage of forming a stable moisture-proof layer as it uses moisture-proof materials manufactured in a factory certified by JIS standards.
Example of construction: General refrigerators and freezers, refrigeration/freezing/super low-temperature storage for agricultural/fishery cooperatives

Construction Method (urethane foam spray method)
This method forms a thermal barrier layer by laminating foam sprayed on site. Since the moisture barrier layer is also sprayed, the technique can be applied to complex shape structures, although the quality may vary.
Example of construction: General cold storage/refrigerators, cold storage of agricultural cooperatives, refrigerators of fishing cooperatives

Prefabricated Method (insulation panel method)
This method assembles insulation materials covered with steel plates on both sides to form moisture- and heat-proof layers for temporary installation. Since the construction is complete when the assembly is done, it shortens the construction period.
Example of construction: general refrigerators, pre-cooling storage of agricultural cooperatives, refrigerating and freezing storage of fishing cooperatives
[Snow Utilization Business (snow room)]
We will contribute to the prevention of global warming by utilizing the cooling energy of snow for food preservation, ripening, and air conditioning.
[Other Construction] 
Pipe Insulation Work
Application of thermal and moisture-proof layers to refrigerant pipes of various sizes.

Thermal Barrier Door Installation
Installation of thermal barrier doors made by various manufacturers.
Excellent airtightness reduces heat loss from openings.

Interior Work
Installation of interior materials on the ceiling and walls.

Floor Heater Installation
Installation of floor heaters of various sizes.
It prevents the gasket at the bottom of the heat-proof door from freezing.

Insulated Over Door/TruckShelter Installation
Installation of various sizes
It reduces heat loss from the picking room.

Slit Curtain Installation
Installation of various materials in various sizes
Insect-proofing effect when the door is open, and it reduces the leakage of cold air.

High-speed Shutter Installation
Installation of various materials in various sizes
It helps reduce insect and dust infiltration into the factory.

Air Curtain Installation
Installation of various air curtains

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