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Latest update: 27/01/2021 14:02:56

North Technology Co.,Ltd.

Our company is invariably thorough with quality assurance and management.

Our information processing related services and IT product development range widely. We develop software on consignment to meet various needs, such as retail online shopping web systems, academic affairs systems for universities, and workplace improvement support systems for the aged. We monitor and operate data centers and conduct help desk work. We are also focused on offshore development for web related businesses at overseas sites. Our company has an integrated system for customer proposals, requirement definitions, and operation & maintenance in pursuit of high quality and low cost.

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Information processing, system development, software, Internet, and operation
◆Proven track record of software design, development, operation, and maintenance 
•Inventory management web system for remote convenience stores 
•Leaflet edit ASP system for printing companies
•Life insurance proposal creation ASP system for insurance companies
•Industrial mechanical part web design system
•Photo album generation web system for personal use
•Web design and material management system for personal use
•Automated control system for power systems
•Total automated control system for power distribution
•Power demand prediction system
•Road survey online system
•Nuclear power generator noise analysis software and startup support system
•Field work support system for recovery from power distribution accidents using mobile terminal
•Large drawing display and printing output system for power systems
•Power distribution field equipment operation simulator
•Accounting and financial affairs system, and operation and maintenance service for broadcasting stations
•Traditional performance art information retrieval system (Cultural Digital Library)
•Proxy posting and declaration system for private taxi business operators
•Distribution system for co-op member
•Household goods online sales web system for retailers
•System for article distribution to newspaper companies
•Newspaper article edit system
•Production management system for production lines at Japanese cake and food production lines
•Inventory system for pharmaceuticals sales distributors
•Order reception and placement system for logistics call centers
•Customer information general management database system for major trading companies
•Total university curriculum system with operation and maintenance services
•Student information management database system with operation and maintenance services
•Facility sharing web system for universities and research institutes with operation and maintenance services
•Online system for lesson attendance management using IC cards
•Electronic board system (Media board software)
•Visiting nursing system using mobile terminals
•Governmental nursing insurance certification system
•Bridal planning simulator (Image processing)
•Hairstyle design package product for barbershops and beauty parlors
•Mobile phone OS kernel and execution environment (Manufacturer consignment research and development)
•Simplified voice browser for the disabled (Manufacturer consignment research and development)
•OCR data extraction and conversion software (Manufacturer consignment research and development)
•In-house product development for OE Marche Series

•Data center operation monitoring work
•Help desk and customer support at call centers
•Intranet system implementation and buildup work
•Cloud server function service and operation & maintenance service

•BSE work for offshore software consignment development
•Consignment work for offshore drawing data input
• Software package porting to overseas versions (Japanese to Chinese, Korean, and English)
◆Research and development products
•"Mutual aid network system" for safety verification and monitoring
•RPG-type iPhone application "Yuke! Yusha (Go! Brave) (Chinese version)
•Research and development of a workplace improvement support system for the aged (Joint researcher: Hokkaido University of Science, Hokkaido Industrial Research Institute, etc.)
•"Rental management" software package for the office buildering management business
•Smartphone learning application for a Chinese proficiency test
•Academic affairs system and IC card attendance authentication system
•Research and prototyping of indoor autonomous airship robot (Joint researcher: Hokkaido University)
•E-book "Handbook of Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion" - Software package and CD sales
•Research on hotel ranking and evaluation (Joint researcher: Hokkaido University)
•Research and development on a small wind power generation system, and implementation and installation in Hokkaido (Joint researcher and developer: Shenyang University of Technology, China)
•Roll physical shape modeling software (Manufacturer consigned research)
•Computer language auto porting software (from C to JAVA) (Manufacturer consigned research)
◆Medical solutions
Our company provides medical environments to support a safe, secure, and comfortable life.

◆Achievements in other related business 
•Consulting on implementation of a medical information system with electronic medical cards for psychiatric hospitals 
•Consulting on implementation of a medical information equipment for universities and research institutes
•Consulting on implementation of a radioactivity detection system for industrial waste disposal operators

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