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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:53

Hokusei Densetsu co.,Ltd

Technology and creation: Contributing to the future and working to evolve

Our company has adopted "Technology and creation: Contributing to the future and working to evolve" as our basic philosophy. We strive to become the company we aim for according to the four pillars structuring our business.

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N-E-X-T Challenge
[The challenge of "Technology and creation: Contributing to the future and working to evolve" with  the customer trust and reliable expertise we have been cultivating for 60 years]
Through our business activities, our company is committed to building a good environment that will serve as the basis for a prosperous society, while helping to develop local communities and actively taking on the challenge of our own development and innovation. We have declared the following basic policy to achieve these goals.

N-E-X-T Challenge

New: Entering growing fields
Environment protection: Working to protect the environment
X (Crossing): Strengthening mutual collaboration
Technology: Improving our technological capabilities
[Helping to create a bright and prosperous future]
Our social mission is to contribute to the development of local communities by constructing electrical installations for buildings and factories, and by developing and maintaining infrastructure for roads and plant facilities. Through our telecommunications equipment, we are committed to building a safe, bright, and affluent future for the end users of our equipment as well as for the business operators who order our work.
[A group of engineers with a wealth of experience and excellent skills]
Professional Engineer (electrical and electronics): 1 
Chief Electrical Engineer, Class 2: 1
Chief Electrical Engineer, Class 3: 7 
Architectural Equipment Engineer: 1
Electrical Works Installation Manager, First Grade: 30
Electrical Works Installation Manager, Second Grade: 9
Supervisory Engineer (Electrical): 31
Supervisory Engineer (Communications): 22
Facility Manager: 6
Electrical Works Technician, Class 1: 39
Electrical Works Technician, Class 2: 17
Fire-Fighting Equipment Technician, Class A, Category 4: 15
Fire-Fighting Equipment Technician: Class B, Category 7: 12
Works Manager, Digital, Class 3: 1
Works Manager, DD, Class 3: 5
Land Special Radio Communications Technician, Class 2: 1
Hygienic Manager, Class 1: 2
Construction Accountant, First Grade: 1
Construction Accountant, Second Grade: 7
First Class Architect: 1
Cable Television Broadcast Engineer, First Grade: 1
Registered Electrical Works Infrastructural Technician: 24
Information Processing Engineer (Basic Information): 2
Information Processing Engineer (Class 2): 1

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