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Latest update: 21/06/2022 15:26:24

Okada Shosan Co.,Ltd.

Connecting producers in the Tokachi area with markets all over Japan

We have approx. 800 original databases for the farming, livestock, marine product, and processing industries in the Tokachi area, Hokkaido.
In response to needs from food-related companies all over Japan, we propose solutions for delivering the agricultural, livestock, and marine products of the Tokachi area, Hokkaido.
We, a group of professionals who have continuously observed food in the Tokachi area, will surely support your business. 

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Sales Pitch

Proposal-based sales
B to B
Under the motto of "making proposals in advance", we deliver the agricultural, livestock, and marine products of the Tokachi area. We deal in a wide variety of products in Tokachi which include fresh vegetables, meat, dairy or marine products, and beans. 
We propose the optimum business partnership to the sellers and buyers of the agricultural or livestock products of the Tokachi area.
By utilizing experiences in interviewing approx. 800 producers in the Tokachi area and in hosting face-to-face business matching meetings, we offer six value propositions: Logistics, usage, scale, quality, stories, and trust.
Concrete examples of our business partners and services
(1) Logistics coordination
-Companies producing cut vegetables
-Vegetable wholesaler in the Ota Market 
-Delivery service companies
-Internet shops
(2) Negotiations with producers
-Negotiations for stably supplying "Gekko (moonlight)", a rare variety of lily roots
-Negotiations with cabbage or lettuce producers for stable supply of their products
-Various types of local fieldmen
(3) Proposing products processed from raw food materials grown in Hokkaido
-Proposing products processed from chicken breast in Hokkaido to delivery service companies
-Proposing French fries made of Hokkaido potatoes to restaurants in Tokyo
-Proposing sets of Hokkaido pork for comparing the tastes of shabu‐shabu (thin slices of pork parboiled in hot soup) to the Furusato Nozei (Hometown Tax) system

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