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TSC Co., Ltd.

The technical capabilities of TISC Co., Ltd. will connect you with the future

 TISC Co., Ltd. provides products and services for the management of external heat insulation in condominiums, which it develops in-house and provides to general contractors nationwide. TISC’s technology is recognized by the engineers in the industry and has spread all over the country.
 TISC, which strives to improve energy-saving and comfort in living environments, goes beyond the framework of a construction company by providing technological development of commercial energy-saving equipment that makes indoor environments more comfortable, and contributes to global warming countermeasures. Moreover, we are actively engaged in developing renewable energy products.

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Breaking conventions in external insulation methods using close-contact ventilation: TISC exterior insulation high-pearl method
[Our original technology that has a breathable layer to allow it to stay in close contact]
Among thermal insulation methods, “adhesion type” is commonly understood to be an impermeable method. However, the High Pearl method is a unique permeable adhesion-type method that we developed that has a ventilation layer although it is an “adhesion type” method.
Prevents condensation on walls and dramatically improves the durability of the building
Commonly, the “adhesion type” does not have a ventilation layer, and this causes condensation between the thermal insulating material and the concrete, used as the building material, or the cladding. Furthermore, there is a concern about the peeling of cladding owing to the thermal stress from sunlight. However, the High Pearl method achieved significant improvement in the building's durability by adding a ventilation layer, allowing it to have the benefits of the “permeable method,” namely the prevention of condensation inside walls and deterioration of cladding caused by thermal stress.
Low cost because it can also be used as a formwork
It does not require complex hardware for attachment, making the process easy. As it doubles as a mold, it requires less cost than the other porous construction method (glass wool external insulation method).
Amenable and energy-saving product development
● Cool warmth
Cool Dan is a panel radiator to be installed indoor that creates climate control without wind. * We commercially developed a comfortable radiation climate control using a plastic resin with high emissivity. By circulating cold water during the summers and warm water during the winters generated, for instance, by a heat pump, through Cool Dan, we can provide a climate control system with better-quality coolness and warmth that are windless, silent, and odorless.
* Windless climate control is a registered trademark of TCS Co., Ltd.
Magic tunnel
The combination of duct and ventilator is installed, for instance, in the attic.
The cold/hot water prepared by, for instance, a heat pump is provided. In summer, it dehumidifies and cools the hot and humid outside air to provide dry air conditioning, and in winter, it warms up the cold outside air to provide the interior with warm air that has little draft. The climate control will create a healthier and more comfortable environment.
Exhaust hot water heat exchangers
[Joint development with Hokkaido Research Organization]
Throwing away used hot water from bathing facilities such as spa, super public bath, and elderly care centers while it is still hot is such a waste. By retrieving its heat using an immersion type fence-shaped resin heat exchanger, jointly developed with the Hokkaido Research Organization, energy for hot water supply can be reduced. As it is made of resins, it will not suffer from rust and corrosion. Therefore, this product can be used at facilities where heat exchangers could not be used previously owing to their spring quality.
● Thermal energy generation using horizontal wells: Product under development
[Joint development with Hokkaido Research Organization]
By utilizing the heat of soil (geothermal heat) that has stable temperature throughout the year, energy reduction of climate control becomes possible. The vertical method, which requires deep boring into the ground, is a common method. However, it tends to be expensive. The horizontal heat collection method we developed involves digging of approximately 2 m before the construction of the building and the installation of a fence-shaped heat exchanger that is premanufactured at the factory. It has the advantage of a lower cost.

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