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Kitami Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Kitami Information Technology Co., Ltd. aims to be your company’s IT advisor.

Kitami Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a system development professional group, an authorized agency of Yahoo advertising, an IT implementation subsidy support company and a Microsoft CSP cloud solution provider. That's why we would make great IT advisers for your company.

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Web design
Kitami Information Technology is not a company focused only on “website development.”
Instead, our main focus is to help our customer’s business succeed, and we propose/build the best website that suits the customer’s situation or budget as a way to achieve that success.
Thus, we ask the customers to reconsider their request if its cost effectiveness is doubtful. Furthermore, if there is another company that has better expertise in a certain field, we will actively collaborate with them to provide the best possible website to our customer.
We provide optimized services from planning and improvement suggestions to construction.
Planning/proposal for various websites.
Research/information design/draft writing
Website design/HTML markup/updated-system construction
Construction of mobile sites/smartphone sites
Blog construction
EC site construction
SNS/Community site construction
Characteristics of Kitami Information Technology homepage design
1. Effective page layout: Open a website that can lead to more customers and doubling of sales.
 (1) Effective page structure and layout.
 (2) Effective page orientation.
 (3) Effective visual design.
2. SEO strategy (Search engine strategy): How to increase customers and let more people discover your website.
3. Easy update (Website you can update yourself): Increase repeat customers through the evolving website.
Cloud service
What is a cloud service?
Cloud service is a technology that stores data that was previously stored online by the users. This data can be accessed from anywhere as long as there is network environment.
This includes Web mail and online storage.
Benefits of cloud services
1. Support multiple devices
2. Improve security
3. Reduction of total cost
Kitami Information Technology is a certified Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)
CSP is a distributor of Microsoft’s cloud service (Office365 and Azure).
If you purchase them from Kitami Information Technology, we will offer more detailed customer support.
In addition, the price is exactly the same as those purchased from Microsoft.
We also offer cloud system development and Microsoft product procurement.
If interested, please feel free to make an inquiry.
App development
Business management app
Following is the summary of the management-related IT expertise of Kitami Information Technology Co., Ltd.
With our cloud business management application, the following scenarios are possible.
 1 “I want to check the client information while I am out of office.”
 2 “I want to immediately save the contents of discussion on-site and report it to my boss.”
 3 “I want to have an overview of the sales history of my client to give him or her the optimal proposal.”
 4 “I want to understand the work situation of the staff from the daily reports and implement work-style reforms.”
 5 “I want to understand the popular products from the sales history data and feed it back to the production plan.”
As all the data is stored on the cloud, you can understand the trend value of every plan in real time. As long as there is a network environment, you can use your smartphone to check the client information and communicate with your client in real time.
Customer management app
“I want to check the client information while I am out of office.” “I want to save the contents of the discussion immediately.” “I want to manage clients easily through my smartphone.”
Our cloud client-management application will make these possible.
Other apps
Client handling management application		This application manages the handling of client in, for instance, maintenance business.
Supplier management application		This application manages your supply.
Sales management application			This application is for sales slip input, printing of delivery notices, stock management, and client/customer management.
Sales management application			This application is for sales slip input, printing of delivery notices, stock management, and client/customer management.
Warehouse management application			If you have several warehouses, this application will manage the locations of your inventory.
					You can use QR codes.
Sports event GPS application	This application manages the staff and athletes of sports events.
Rental management application 		The system of this application manages all the rentals of equipment and construction machines.
Disaster management application 		This system disseminates important and urgent information quickly through the Internet using emails during a disaster.
					It is a system for municipalities to quickly transmit information.
Daily report management application 		This application uses cloud daily-report management to centrally manage attendance and workload at construction companies.

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