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Latest update: 21/06/2022 15:26:16

Niko Denki Co.,Ltd.

Developing light sources for primary industries

We propose customized products employing Light Emitting Plasma (LEP) or sunlight LED to primary industries. We sell cultivation lights for living things requiring light. As for straight LED lights for cultivating plants, since sunlight LED inhibits spindly growth and physiological disorders, seedlings will grow strongly.

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Product introduction
Sunlight LED Plant Cultivation Light (NSL-60)
-We continuously paid particular attention to sunlight. Finally, ahead of rival companies, we adopted sunlight LED (developed in Japan) as a plant cultivation light. 
Since the power supply part emitting heat is installed separately from the lighting equipment, heat emitted from the lamp fitting is inhibited, prolonging the life of the lighting equipment. (An IP67 LED driver, which controls three plant cultivation lights, is adopted.) 
-In order to control the environment (CO2) in future plant factories, a light regulating function is a standard feature. We do not compromise on brightness and light quality, allowing the production of vegetables with a high commodity value.
The sunlight LED light is expected to be used for the following purposes, in addition to plant cultivation:
-Light for painting vehicles
-Facilities, such as museums and schools, in which light quality needs to be considered
-Farming, seeds, and seedlings
(The light has actually been used for tests of kelp seeds and seedlings.)
[Achievement examples]
GAC Co., Ltd. adopted two units of NSL-60 for "irene H2O", a mini-sized indoor hydroponic culture plant. They allowed mini tomatoes, Alocasia odora, paprikas, and eggplants to be cultivated simultaneously.
LEP Light (NAL-281D1)
We are offering a series of lightweight and forced-air-cooled lights whose light source is LEP. 
A light regulating function is added to the lights. Since their color wavelengths simultaneously change, the lights are recommended for aquariums and so on. 
[Achievement examples]
-The Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens adopted the LEP light as light that emits ultraviolet rays similar to those of sunlight.
-HAKODATE ICHIJO SOCIAL WELFARE CORP. cultivates vegetables by using the plasma plant cultivation lights. With no agricultural chemicals, the facility eliminates natural enemies to deliver secure vegetables to dining tables. 
-Plasma plant cultivation system (Please refer to the URL below.)
Other types of LED fluorescent lights dealt with by us
[Desktop lights incorporating sunlight LED]
The lights accurately reproduce sunlight. The light with super high-color rendering properties (Ra 98 [type]) clearly illuminates subtle differences between colors. The desktop lights can also be used as lights for house plants so that the plants will overcome a shortage of sunlight, or as lights for aquariums. Since the light is friendly to the eyes, study efficiency or working efficiency during remote work will be improved.
[Disinfectant LED fluorescent lights]
Since LED lights with UV-A waves are used as white LED fluorescent lights, they can disinfect viruses. 
Regarding the danger of ultraviolet light irradiation, the safety of the fluorescent lights has been proven in photo biological safety tests conforming to JIS C 7550.




UVAパンフレット(両面)210902 (002)仁光電機ver2.pdf

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