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Latest update: 22/11/2021 13:22:49


Manufacturing compound or fiber ropes, and processing as well as selling wire ropes and various lifting fittings and binders including shackles and hooks

We manufacture wire ropes for cranes or slings (for rock processing or Satsuma processing), fiber ropes, compound ropes, combination ropes, and metal-made lifting fittings including shackles. Our products are widely used in the fields of fisheries, civil engineering, construction, and harbor loading/unloading in Hokkaido. 

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Compound ropes/Fiber ropes 
Compound ropes
Our compound ropes are produced with unique manufacturing processes so that they are soft but have a strong core, and that their ends can be easily processed. Their thickness ranges from 14 to 60 mm. They are favored mainly in the fishing industry. The wire strand (1 x 24) is thin but strong, and the fiber is flexible. These characteristics are reflected in features such as tenacity, settlement force, and elasticity.
We are able to provide compound ropes that meet various needs.
Fiber ropes
Our fiber ropes can be made of fiber that meets various needs and that is suitable for usage conditions. Polypropylene is mainly used as the raw material of fiber ropes. We also use other fiber materials such as nylon, vinylon, and polyester as the raw material, depending on the purpose. The features of our fiber ropes are that they are highly strong, weak against heat, as well as lightweight, and float on water. They help with fishermen's grips, slowly return to their stretched conditions, and have excellent chemical resistance.
Wire ropes for slings (for rock processing or Satsuma processing)
Our wire ropes for slings lead to safe and reliable slinging work. We stock a variety of wire ropes for slings including thin and thick ones to meet the needs of our clients. We are able to quickly respond to orders and deliver products the day after receiving an order. We not only provide high-quality wire ropes, but also process ropes of various diameters by using the press machine for rock processing that is the pride of our company and that is one of the largest in the Tohoku and Hokkaido regions. As for Satsuma processing, our skillful craftsmen are able to produce and provide high-quality products.  
Particular wire ropes
Particular wire ropes are industrial ropes used for machines such as various types of cranes. We guarantee to not only provide reliable quality products, but also deliver them swiftly. Our particular wire ropes respond to the trust of users and support the growth of industries.
Shackles/Hooks/Sling belts/Aslash
We provide a variety of lifting fittings, binders, and packaging tools. We offer a wide variety of lifting fittings, which have a simple shape but take a large role, to swiftly meet the needs at construction sites. We also deal in sling belts, which have flexibility as well as strength to fit various lifting fittings, and safe, reasonably priced, and high-quality resin-treated lashing belts. 

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