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We manufacture and sell metal products

We possess metal processing technologies such as pressing of thin steel sheets and electric welding as well as pipe processing, and we are developing distinctive product manufacturing using our ideas to meet customer needs.

We can manufacture products from prototypes to mass production, even in small lots. We can handle speedy deliveries.

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Meeting diverse customer needs
To provide products that satisfy customer needs, we create products that fully make use of our ideas.

We have established an integrated production system from PR to manufacturing and sales, so we are able to flexibly respond to various customer requests by making full use of our unique advanced technology.

In 1998, we received approval as a Category B Electrical Appliance manufacturing business, and in the following year, 1999, our manufacturing plant was certified as an appropriate plant under the JQA comprehensive product safety certification system.
We promise you a stable supply
We are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to handle a wide variety of processing items.

The automation of our machinery has enabled small-volume production at low cost, and we are now able to handle high-mix, low-volume production, which was previously difficult to do.

We have also established a production system from prototyping to mass production, and promise a stable supply.
Skillful techniques gained through experience and achievements
We have developed our skilled techniques through more than 50 years of experience and achievements in metal processing. This makes it possible for us to handle complex processing.

We have an integrated production system in our factories for all operations from large machinery to manual work, so we can handle a wide range of products.

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