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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:58

Narita Mfg., Ltd.

We have a 100% share of the market for hoods connecting Shinkansen bullet train cars, thanks to our advanced aluminum welding technology

We are a manufacturer of parts for rail cars. We handle a wide range of products including doors, window panels, and tanks in addition to parts for connecting rail cars. We are highly evaluated for our advanced processing technology, for materials from stainless steel to aluminum. We can flexibly respond to orders for two-wheeled vehicles, residential doors, and various other products.

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Rail car parts
We make use of the technology and factory equipment we possess to engage in machining a wide range of parts required for rail cars.

We cover a wide range of processing such as doors, window panels, tanks, and so on, in addition to our rail car connecting hoods, which have achieved numerous technological innovations and are highly evaluated both in Japan and overseas as synonymous with our company.

From stainless steel to aluminum, our processing technology is tailored to the design of the vehicle, and we can respond to various orders from customers with our flexible technology.

High-speed trains, express trains, subways, commuter trains, sleeper express trains, monorails, LRVs, overseas trains
Parts for two-wheeled vehicles
Our company has been recognized by the world's leading motorcycle manufacturers for our aluminum welding processing, which requires advanced technology.

Our outstanding technology is utilized in machining parts for midsize and large motorcycles exported to Europe and the USA.

While anticipating growing demand for aluminum as vehicle bodies become lighter, we are constantly pursuing optimal technology for supplying high-quality products while targeting an ideal of Monozukuri craftsmanship that changes with the times.

Muffler heat guards, body frames, seat rails, tank rails, aluminum fuel tanks, aluminum swing frames, aluminum swing arms
We are using the expertise and know-how that we have been accumulating through many years of experience to explore new business frontiers that are ahead of the times. 

We focus on fields derived from vehicles such as rail cars, motorcycles, and automobiles to actively develop new business frontiers that will be useful to society.

Graphic printing, residential doors, universal seats, rooftop work platforms, port gangway hoods, emergency ladders, refrigerated containers, etc.

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Chubu Head Office, SMRJ