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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:22:06

Maeda Technica Co.,ltd.

We satisfy niche needs for precision pressing and sheet metal machining!

We are a problem-solving sheet metal pressing business that aims to obtain overwhelming trust from our customers. We achieve this by being able to address issues such as trouble, bothersome work, and wishes for something new from customers in sheet metal pressing, through our proposal, technical, and management capabilities.

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Small-volume sheet metal pressing, handling prototype production even from a single unit
We handle development projects in a wide range of industrial segments!
We have a wide range of experience in consultations with customers in the electrical appliance, railroad, space, defense, medical, food, housing equipment, office furniture, and other fields. We also handle prototyping difficult-to-machine materials (such as Duralmin and spring material), which are difficult for some of our competitors, as well as small-lot orders for even a single item. We handle more than 800 products monthly.
We offer stable quality and short lead times by using the latest equipment!
We combine our 40 years of experience in laser machining and accumulated processing know-how with the latest punch/laser combination machining centers and network-compatible benders to offer stable quality and short lead times beginning with a single day. Moreover, we can also handle special shapes with our in-house molds.
Cylindrical machining with twin-roll molders!
We handle many other items to be molded into cylindrical shapes, such as fan covers for motors. We can make use of twin roll molders to reduce the workload and increase quality in cylindrical machining processing. We also handle structural items of one to about ten pieces, including welding.
We can also handle double-digit lots in small-lot pressing
High-end, niche, and high-precision small-lot pressing 
In pressing, most suppliers probably produce products in lots from thousands to tens of thousands of pieces. With our advantage in high-mix low-volume production, we handle orders for two-digit lots, which is rare in pressing. (We are especially good at three-digit lots.)

We have extensive experience in parts for high-end or niche models that are not expected to be mass-produced, and that require high precision and stable quality, using press molds.

If you have lots that are a bit too large for mass-production with a turret punch (NCT), or if you have lots that are a bit too small for mass production with a forward press, please consult us. 
We can flexibly respond to express orders with fast preparations of as little as two minutes! 
Our presses are single-shot processing machines, and designed to display their advantages in high-mix low-volume production.

Our 45-ton presses are quick die change (QDC) units and can be prepared for machining within two minutes at the fastest (generally within five minutes). This also allows us to flexibly handle express orders. We also insource molds and jigs, so we can streamline each manufacturing process, leading to efficient high-mix low-volume production.
QDC molds: The trump card in small-lot pressing
Quick die change (QDC) molds are commonly used, but it is rare for a pressing manufacturer to have more than half of their presses equipped with QDC specifications. QDC molds have a simple structure, so they can be manufactured at lower cost than general die-set molds. We also insource molds for higher efficiency in mold manufacturing and maintenance. 



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