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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:58

Kamine Seiki Kogyo Co.,Ltd.

We are a manufacturer of machinery related to sales of rice products.

We are a developer and manufacturer of food processing machinery that supports Japan's food. We independently develop machines for weighing and bagging grains, mochi processors, impurity-removing magnetic equipment, insect-repelling machines, and other equipment. This is how we are responding to the ageing and declining population of agricultural workers and the need for higher productivity.

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Sales Pitch

SSP-2 super-small bagger
This machine weighs and bags various granular materials in 1 g increments, from 10 g to 2,000 g.
Weighing, bagging, loading, and sealing can be done in one continuous process without using your hands or measuring instruments.
The machine can weigh grains such as brown rice, refined rice, soybeans, adzuki beans, wheat, and so on, and also chia seeds, vegetable seeds, and other grains 1 to 2 mm in diameter (depending on the conditions).
You can use any kind of bag, regardless of its shape.
It has a one-year warranty and maintenance costs are unnecessary, ao all it requires is electricity charges, which makes it economical. (Repairs require additional charges.) 
The machine can be customized according to the use and type of work, with options such as a lift, strong magnet, sealer, and so on.
The quality and after-sales follow-up are excellent, because the machines are developed by our company in Japan.
No installation work is required, because it uses a household 100-volt power supply.
The compact size (about 55 × 55 cm) means it can be installed anywhere. It also comes standard with casters which makes it easy to move around.
For payment, you can use a lease agreement through a financial institution.
KN-3 automatic rice cake flattener
This is a long-selling rice cake flattener. It powerfully supports rice cake flattening. It is hygienic because it does not use rice powder. 

The use of special-purpose bags minimizes the use of powder, which reduces the incidence of mold and improves hygiene.
(*This has been proven by the Food Research Center, Aichi Center for Industry and Science Technology.) 

Easy operation greatly improves work efficiency.
Anyone from a beginner to an experienced user can make identical flattened rice cake products in just 20 seconds.

You can operate it safely.
The machine is equipped with a safety device for safe operation.

The machine can be placed anywhere and is easy to move.
The power supply is 100V. It uses a household outlet, so no electrical work is needed. You can put it anywhere and work with ease. It is also equipped with casters for easy movement.

A lifter makes the work even easier.
The lifter automatically lifts the finished flattened rice cakes. You can pick up the flattened rice cakes without bending over.
This alleviates the burden on your back, and powerfully supports prolonged work.
*The lifter requires a separate compressor.
KC-1S flattened rice cake cutter
This is a compact version of a flattened rice cake cutter. With its side table folded, the machine can be stored very compactly.

The cutter interval is easy to adjust. The dimensions can be freely adjusted within the effective range for adjustment.
You can easily make rectangular-shaped rice cake pieces.
The machine is easy to operate and can be used by anyone.
The Teflon-coated cutter can cut soft or hard rice cakes with neat cross sections.
The machine is equipped with casters for easy movement.
The auxiliary table of the machine can be folded, so it can be stored very compactly.
The product is almost trouble-free because of its simple structure.
The standard mat accompanying the machine complies with the Food Sanitation Act. You can use it with peace of mind.

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