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Latest update: 08/07/2020 17:39:19

Shimamura Co.Ltd.

Precision gear processing using advanced technology: contact Shimamura Co., Ltd. for a consultation about making gears and cogwheels using small-lot multiproduction.

We specialize in precision gear machining. We respond to customers' needs with our proven production record and our technology, which we have accumulated over a long time and use to make spur gears, helical gears, gear shafts and worms. We consistently perform everything from material purchasing to processing and final inspection in-house to provide high-quality products faster.

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Introduction of our production record and equipment
We specialize in high-precision gears and cogwheels produced by grinding the tooth surface and have many achievements in areas such as master gears for gear meshing tests.
Master gear
Gear for the interlocking test of gears.
Spur gear
Cylindrical gear parallel to the axis. It is the most widely used gear. It transmits rotation between two parallel axes.
Helical gear
If the teeth of spur gear are slanted and it appears as if they are twisted, it is a helical gear.
It is stronger and quieter than spur gear. It is used, for instance, in speed reducers.
Internal gear
Gear with teeth inside. It is often used in planetary gear mechanisms.
Worm gear or wheel
Worm gear is in the form of a screw, and worm wheel receives the movement of the worm.
It exhibits a characteristically smooth rotation and is used, for instance, in speed reducers, which require quiet rotations.
Gear with straight, horizontal, and long teeth is called a rack. A rack does not appear to be a gear at first glance. However, if you think of a rack with a gear having an infinite radius, it can be viewed as a type of gear. It is used for straight movements and, for instance, in floodgates and machine tools.
Large size
We are also capable of processing sprockets, couplings, and spacers.
Gear grinder
It is a machine tool for grinding the teeth of gears. Number: Seven machines
At Shimamura Seisakusyo, we have various gear grinders, including the machines by Pfauter, Sanwa Seiki, and Okamoto Machine Tool Works. We can accommodate diverse processing requirements. In 2012, we installed P600/800G by Gleason-Pfauter. It enables us to process up to 20 modules and with a diameter of up to 800 mm.
Hobbing machine
Hobbing machine is a machine tool for cutting the teeth of gears. Number: 11 machines
Nihon Kikai Seisakusho ND-5. It is capable of processing up to 20 modules with a diameter of up to 2,200 mm. We own five CNC hobbing machines. We can accommodate goods with a large lot number. 
Lathe is a machine tool for processing materials. Number: 13 machines
We have LH55-N by Okuma which is suitable for large workpieces and QUICKTURN10 by Yamazaki Mazak for small workpieces. We added QICKSMART200M by Yamazaki Mazak and LB35II by Okuma to our equipment in recent years, and we continue to improve the quality of our machining.
Grinder is a machine tool for polishing the flat surface, inner surface, and outer surface of gears and machine tools. Number: Seven machines
In 2013, we newly installed the GE4P 100II type cylindical ginder by JTEKT Corporation.
Gear tester (NC)
It is a fully automated tester that measures the tooth form, tooth trace, pitch, and eccentricity of gears. Number: three machines
Gear shaper/Worm-hobbing machine
Gear shaper is a machine tool for manufacturing gears that hobbing machines cannot process such as internal gears and stepped gears. Hobbing machines for cutting racks and worms include the rack-hobbing and worm-hobbing machine.
Slotter is a machine tool for processing keyways and splines. In addition, we own two broaching machines.
Vertical machining center
Vertical-machining center is a machine tool for boring, drilling, and tapping. Milling machine is a machine tool for processing flat and curved surfaces. It is used to process, for instance, keyways of shafts. In addition, we own two radial drills. These machines are used based on the requirements of processing and quantity. Moreover, we introduced a vertical-machining center VM53R type by OKK Corporation in 2014. Its table measuring 560 × 1,050 is wider than the previous machine and it improved the efficiency of processing.
CNC hobbing grooving machine/round chamfering machine
CNC hobbing grooving machine is a machine tool for grinding hobs.
We are also equipped with the machine for round chamfering.
With the Subsidy for Prototype Development and Other Projects by Small-to-Medium-Sized Enterprises in Manufacturing that we received in October 2014, we installed the CNC hobbing grooving machine FABRIS HR254 by Seiwa Corporation.
Production process
In addition to the total processing of materials, we can also accommodate orders for just one process such as gear cutting and gear grinding.
1. Order materials
Material is ordered.
2. Turning
The delivered material is processed into the shape of the product while leaving the portion to be polished off. 
3. Gear cutting
The teeth of the gear are cut from the product processed by lathe at this point.
4. Quenching
Quenching is conducted based on the material and the instructions in the plan.
5. Keyway processing.
Keyway is cut.
6. Drilling
Boring, drilling, and tapping are conducted at this point.
7. Grinding
The product is polished.
8. Gear grinding
The gear is polished.
9. Final inspection
Final inspection to check if the product satisfies the specification of every part indicated in the plan.
10. Delivery
The product is carefully wrapped to prevent it from being scratched and then shipped.

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