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Latest update: 21/06/2022 15:26:23


We are a trading company doing business in the Islamic world.

We import from and export to the Islamic world including Indonesia and Iran. We mainly deal in various machines and parts including used construction machines. However, we have dealt in industrial raw materials, sake (Japanese rice wine), bonsais (dwarfed trees), potted plants, etc. Furthermore, by utilizing our experience in the Muslim world, we provide services for companies considering overseas expansion, such as the following: Conducting seminars on or training for import, export, or trading, taking care of import and export, and assisting clients in attending overseas exhibits.

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Description of business
Import and export
<Used construction machines>
We mainly export construction machines, such as shovel-loaders and bulldozers, which were used in construction sites in Japan. 
Construction machines made in Japan, well-known for performance and endurance, are highly regarded overseas. There are even cases where used construction machines made in Japan are more expensive than new ones made in other countries.  
<Machine parts and tools> 
We import and export various machine parts and tools. 
For importing or exporting certain machine parts and tools, notification must be submitted to proper authorities such as the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. 
If your company imports or exports construction machinery without knowing about such a requirement, your company may be in violation of the law, in the worst case.
In such a case, your company would not be allowed to import or export the high-quality and valuable construction machinery and even be in violation of the law, a most tragic situation to be in.
Supporting overseas business
Now, as globalization progresses and speed is required in management, putting the limited management resources into all domains may conversely result in wasting resources or unnecessarily decreasing the strength of your company. 
Please entrust us with all the processes related to overseas business. They include taking care of import and export, communicating with overseas clients, assisting clients in attending overseas exhibits, engaging in sales activities, following the procedures related to trade documents, and creating necessary documents.
We have so far been involved in the import and export of various items for various countries and regions. We provide seminars and training to inform attendees about our experience and know-how. 
In particular, workshop-style seminars and training which adopt a technique called "Trading SPRINT" have a good reputation. The technique was invented by uniquely improving a process called SPRINT, utilized by GV (Google Ventures), for trading purposes. 
"Our company wishes to start import and export, but does not know what to do at first." "Our company has determined the products which will be imported or exported. However, we do not know concrete procedures and so on." "Our company would like to establish a trading or overseas business department or develop human resources." As can be understood from these examples, issues and concerns related to trading vary depending on the company. However, by utilizing our abundant experience, we will make utmost efforts to support your company's trading or overseas business.

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