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Latest update: 10/03/2020 13:40:15

Shinsei Kagaku Kougyo Co., Ltd.

Enriching society through the evolution of manufacturing

Our company is good at molding precision parts of engineering plastics. Our products are used for many purposes, such as automobiles, electric home appliances, electronic parts, gas and water supplies, and medical care, In particular, with regard to battery gaskets, we have the top market share in Japan. We manufacture many mechanical parts for safety purposes, such as automotive sensors and gas appliance joints. In the mold business, we design, manufacture, and sell dies for precision plastic molding. We also design and manufacture automatic equipment for assembling and inspection, which are used both inside and outside the company.

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Accelerate growth with technology and open innovation
Acquired numerous patents with our advanced technology	
We have obtained numerous patents as proof of our advanced manufacturing technology. We are developing various technologies with our advanced technology.

"Micro micro-foaming molding technology"
This technology improves the fluidity of resin, enables high-precision resin molding, and contributes to weight reduction

"Micro-foaming printing technology"
This technology produces no impact on the environment as it does not use any organic solvent, The technology enables printing without using paint that features strong resistance against peeling, and high visibility.
Strengthens order-receiving capabilities with a global supply system	
1996: Established US subsidiary SHINSEI CORPORATION 
2007: Established Thai subsidiary SHINSEI MOLDING CO., LTD.
2012: Established Indonesian subsidiary PT. GLOBAL SHINSEI INDONESIA

Leveraging over 20 years of overseas market experience, we have established a global supply system. The Thai subsidiary is our main overseas base. The subsidiary has been receiving orders steadily for battery gaskets. Since orders have mainly been increasing for Japanese automobile manufacturers, we have implemented additional equipment. We are preparing our production system for further orders.	
Technology that enables one-stop service
■ Precision injection molding technology
- Clean room molding: We mold parts for medical equipment in a clean room of class 10,000.
- Hoop molding: For mass insert molding, we have continually integrated production from punching and bending of metal materials to resin molding and single piece cutting by hoop feed.
- Semi-automatic molding: For medium- or small-volume insert molding, we have reduced the working time by using jigs and introducing auxiliary robots.
-Two-color molding: Two-color molding is an injection molding method for molding two types of resin in one cycle. This method has such advantages as low cost, product function, and individualized design because printing and adhesive agents are not used to reduce the process of high durability.

■ Molding technology
- We process small items that are round, square, or have special shapes within the company, including precision dies and parts.

■ Equipment development technology
- Various automatic assembly inspection machines
Case 1: We are able to successfully improve efficiency and reduce costs in the automatic assembly and inspection of caps for automotive lead batteries by assembling four parts at a time.
- Various automatic assembly Inspection machines
Case 2:  We developed an automatic pouch connector assembly machine that can be used in a clean room. Careful attention must be paid to contaminants because the machine handles food. The machine conducts non-destructive and automatic appearance inspection including uneven thicknesses.

■ Analysis and measurement technology

■ Secondary processing (assembly and printing)