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Latest update: 27/01/2020 12:35:08

Equa Co., Ltd.


Sales Pitch

Test charts, photomasks, and optical parts
Test charts: Two types are available: 1) Resolving charts used for evaluating the resolution of shooting lenses and optical systems, and 2) calibration charts used for calibrating the location accuracy of inspection machines and measuring instruments. Both types are further classified into transparent type and the reflection type. Substrates are made from various types of glass, or from film, paper, etc. For the minimum pattern, the resolution is at least 0.8μm.   
Photomasks: Original plates used in various fields including electric circuits, display devices, optical parts, and precision equipment. Photomasks have the following types: Chrome masks as well as emulsion masks that are formed on glass substrates and film masks. By utilizing the graphic processing technology uniquely developed by Equa Co., Ltd., we are able to meet various needs. The minimum graphic is 0.8μm.  
Optical parts: On various types of glass (quartz, BK7, soda lime, whiteboard, etc.), high-precision patterns are formed by thin metallic films made of chrome, chrome oxide, etc. We can create not only standard patterns such as cross patterns and optical slits, but also gradation patterns (in which transmittance is gradually changed). Furthermore, we can perform complex processing such as piercing, glass etching, sandblasting, and multi-layer film patterns.  

Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company makes use of highly accurate patterning equipment, thin film formation technology, and advanced data processing techniques to provide various thin film products, test charts, photomasks, and optical components. We can deliver excellent products in a much shorter time than the competition by coordinating our pattern design technology and process design capabilities. We evaluate the functions necessary for the customer’s product, and identify an optimal manufacturing process. We also make the most of the latest technologies and our accumulated design know-how to offer high-value-added products. We can create CAD data and develop necessary patterns either from rough sketches or complex design concept drawings provided by the customer. We handle various applications in the electronics and electrical fields, optics, and so on. Our photomask patterning service is provided in the shortest possible lead time through 24-hour production. This is because we have the latest equipment, a safe and secure production system, and laser lithography test charts. 

Other manufacturing industries

[Representative's message]
Our company sells customized products from CAD data creation to patterning process to customers in Japan and overseas. Our advanced graph processing technology includes self-developed applications, and has allowed us to produce difficult patterning. Our main products are test charts, gradation patterns for optical systems, and minute patterns for the MEMS field. Products often need more than simple patterning, including thin film forming and special forming like glass etching on the material. This requires various arrangements in the manufacturing process to improve cost effectiveness. We hope to make use of J-GoodTech to exchange information with partner manufacturers. Our goal is to earn recognition for our products so that more business opportunities will arise in various facets of operations from purchasing to sales.