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Latest update: 27/01/2020 12:35:13

HTL. Co. Japan Ltd.


Sales Pitch

3D printers (GE/Arcam, RPMI, and envisionTEC), ALD (Arradiance atomic layer deposition apparatus), and scanning acoustic microscope (SAM)
3D printers
GE/Arcam: Their 3D printers can perform 3D printing of powder of metals such as Ti and SUS according to CAD data.
RPMI: With laser deposition technology, its 3D printers can mold large objects, up to 2.1 m, or repair or add thickness to an object.
envisionTEC: It produces high-speed and high precision resin 3D printers. It deals in bio plotters for medical use. 
Atomic layer deposition apparatus: ALD (Gemstar made by Arradiance)
Compactly designed product that can be placed on a table and can simultaneously process multiple wafers whose diameter is 4 to 8 inches.
User-friendly software and various recipes for materials
Its price is affordable, and precursors can easily be added. 
We offer the following options: Plasma generation, ion generation,  load locks, and globe boxes. 
The scanning acoustic microscope (SAM) uses frequencies ranging from 50Mhz to 2GHz to perform various inspections such as inspecting sub-micron defects and Si ingots.
High-speed scanning (up to four objects) by a multi transducer. 
Automatic focus and automatic analysis of defects. 

Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company imports, sells, and maintains state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, and we also develop software. Our equipment includes 3D modeling machines, industrial hardware for small-space satellite electronics, photomask devices, and other hardware related to semiconductors, LCDs, and nanotechnology. We develop software according to customer specifications at our software development center in India to provide high-quality software products at reasonable prices.

[Business description]
Our company handles atomic layer deposition (ALD) machines, which make use of organic metal precursors and oxidation-reduction precursors to deposit ultra-thin oxide and nitride films. Our machines have a dispersion-type material gas release structure to ensure film deposition with uniform thickness throughout deposition plates. Our company also handles stereolithographic 3D printers for resin processing, which we can use to manufacture various articles from medical to industrial-use products. Our highly experienced engineers handle software development and can provide high-quality software.

Wholesaling, retailing, and food services

[Representative's message]
We import and sell laser processing machines for resin and fiber composite materials and various 3D printers. We combine them with our own software development techniques to provide customers with higher added value. You can also view demonstration machines. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in any machine. We will expand our transactions with composite material processing manufacturers and university laboratories, and also with companies in various industries.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We will further strengthen our own software development techniques and improve our technical power. We will also handle more manufacturing equipment by increasing our channels as an import agency for overseas manufacturers. We will focus on employing and training human resources and improve the knowledge and experience of our staff. We will acquire customers in areas other than our existing fields to cultivate markets and increase sales.

[Awards and media coverage]
Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo (2015, 2016, and 2017); the Sixth Cross-Industry Fair of The Japanese Research Association for Organic Electronics Materials (2017); the 64th JSAP Spring Meeting (2017); the 24th Photomask Japan (2017).

ISO 9001 (SI Division)

[Intellectual property]
We possess two registered patents, four patents pending, and one trademark registration.