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Prevent global warming with the latest technology to process almost all of organic matter by "subcritical water reaction" technology which continuously generates "hydrolysis reaction"

Realizing global environment with the latest technology, the first general-purpose device in the world

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 カシュー ナッツの外皮、パイナップル サイレージ、サトウキビ、アブラヤシ殻、パーム空果房、ビール残余、CORN COB MEAL、SHRIMP SHELL MEAL、 魚の骨、魚頭部、肉の骨、すべてを蒸気と圧力だけで15~30分で簡単に、しかも品質の高い飼料、肥料を二次加工しなくとも製造できます。 これらを混ぜて処理を行っても問題ありません。 

"Subcritical water reactor" M recycling machine enables mixing processing even if plastics are mixed somewhat if it is ordinary household waste, it can be used for high quality fertilizer, compost, soil conditioner without secondary processing .
Cashew nut sheath, pineapple silage, sugar cane, oil palm shell, Palm skyfruit, beer residue, CORN COB MEAL, SHRIMP SHELL MEAL, fish bone, fish head, meat bone, all with steam and pressure only 15 to 30 It can be manufactured easily without any secondary processing of high quality feed and fertilizer. There is no problem even if mixing them and processing them.
Just by changing the steam temperature and pressure, it can be processed for feed, fertilizer, compost.
製造された飼料は無菌状態であること、栄養価が高くなることから、家畜の消化吸収効果がアップし、生育期間の短縮と品質(肉質)の向上が見られる。 (加水分解による処理により最良の飼料を製造できます)

Succeeded by giving cattle bait a diet treating birch chips with little use by hand with dairy farmers and meat wholesalers treated for 20 minutes on "subcritical water reactor" M recycling machine.
Since the produced feed is sterile and has high nutritional value, the effect of digestion and absorption of livestock is improved, the growth period is shortened and the quality (meat quality) is improved. (The best feed can be produced by hydrolysis treatment)
あるいは生物に吸収されやすくメタン発酵等の効率を高め、メタン発酵プラントに亜臨界水処理装置を組み込む事によりメタンガスの発生量を5 割以上(50~80%)増加させることが確認されています。 

"Subcritical water reactor" M recycling machine Manufacture of feed by treating excess wood, thinned timber, edge material, driftwood and the like.
It is confirmed that methane gas production is increased by 50% or more (50 to 80%) by increasing the efficiency of methane fermentation etc, which is easily absorbed by living organisms, and incorporating a subcritical water treatment device into methane fermentation plant.
It can decompose organic matter in a short time and can process uniformly regardless of moisture content, so it greatly contributes to productivity improvement when handling raw materials such as biomass that have variations in properties (all secondary processing required not).
High quality fertilizer can be produced by treating livestock manure. (It contains a lot of nutrients necessary for crops such as "phosphorus" "cali" "nitrogen" and it becomes a good quality fertilizer)
【「亜臨界水反応装置」Mリサイクルマシンの原理】 【principle】
* 水は1気圧中では100度の温度で水蒸気となり蒸発します。 
* 水の温度が200度前後の状態で圧力を10~20気圧程度加えることで水の分子が活性化され反応しやすくなった特別な水のことを「亜臨界水」と言います。 
* 水は,密閉容器の中で加熱すると飽和蒸気圧曲線(Saturated vapor P-T curve ofpure water)に従って圧力が上昇し,最終的に臨界点(374.15°C,22.12MPa)に達します 。 
* 水と油は混ざりませんが、超臨界水領域では、水は分解され水素と酸素ですから、釜の中の酸素と油は気体となって、水と油は完全に混ざり合う状態になっています。 
* 有機物の固体は分子構造が長い(高分子構造)が、これを「亜臨界水」領域で反応させると、固体であった有機物はだんだん小さく分解されていき、有機物の分子の中に水の分子が入り込んで有機物の分子が短く(低分子構造)なり完全に分解されます。 
* この様に有機物の中に水の分子が入り込みことを「加水分解反応」と呼ばれており、「亜臨界水反応」とは「加水分解反応」を連続して起こしている反応のことを言います。
* Special water that water molecule is activated and reacts easily by adding pressure of about 10 ~ 20 atm in the state of water temperature around 200 degrees is called "subcritical water". In case
"Sub" of subcritical water says before the critical point, but what is "critical point" is that the temperature is 374.15 degrees and the point where the pressure is 215 atm is called the "critical point".
* Water and oil do not mix, but in the supercritical water region, water is decomposed and hydrogen and oxygen, so oxygen and oil in the kettle become gas and water and oil are in a state of being completely mixed I will. In case
In the "subcritical water" area, the active water makes the decomposing power of various organic substances stronger and it becomes possible to process various things.
* In this way, the entry of water molecules into organic matter is called "hydrolysis reaction", and "subcritical water reaction" refers to the reaction which continuously causes "hydrolysis reaction" say.
* Utilizing this principle, we can solve various problems around the world by recycling and utilizing the organic materials that we have abandoned so far.
* 有機物には大きく分けて「炭水化物」と「たんぱく質」「脂肪」と3つがあるが、人間はこれらを食料として食べています。
* しかし、一般的にはこれらを個別に処理することはほとんどなく、これらを一般の生ごみのように混ざった状態であることがほとんどです。
* 基本は判っているので今後Mリサイクルマシンをどのように利用していくのか、さらにG8では研究開発を継続しさらに良い装置にして行くのと同時に新しい発見を探求してまいります。 
* 「亜臨界水反応装置」Mリサイクルマシンは有機廃棄物をリサイクルするための装置です。 
* Mリサイクルマシンは、私たちのかけがえのない地球を守ることができる製品で、地球温暖化に大変貢献できる工業製品を開発しました。 
* 亜臨界水装置の持つ無公害性、無菌、無ガス、無炎、無煙、無臭、高速、処理物の調整のしやすさ、処理物の再利用等、良いところが沢山有ります。

【How to be handled】
* There are three major types of organic matter, "Carbohydrate", "Protein" and "Fat", but humans eat them as food.
When this is processed with M recycling machine, "carbohydrate" is broken down into "sugar", "protein" is meat but decomposes to something like an amino acid soup, "fat" like "vinegar" say "acetic acid" It decomposes into things.
* In general, however, it is rare to process these individually, and most of them are in a mixed state like ordinary garbage.
In the future, how to use those that have been processed is a future task.
* Since we know the basics we will continue to explore how we will use M recycling machines in the future, and we will continue research and development at G8 to further improve the equipment and we will explore new discoveries
* "Subcritical water reactor" M recycling machine is a device for recycling organic waste. In case
* M Recycling machine is a product that can protect our precious earth and developed industrial products that can contribute greatly to global warming. In case
Not all garbage must be subcritical equipment (M recycling machine). In case
* There are many good points such as pollution-free property, sterile, no gas, flameless, smokeless, odorless, high speed, ease of adjustment of processed materials, processing materials reused, etc. possessed by subcritical water equipment.
* 日本は限りある資源を大切に使ってきました。 世界最大の資源輸入大国です。 
* 離島には大きな産業がなく人口は減少することはあっても増えることはありません。 

* Japan has carefully used limited resources. It is the world's largest resource importing power. In case
"M recycling machine" is very useful for environmental conservation of remote islands in countless numbers around Japan in this technology. In case
* There are no big industries in remote islands and the population will decrease, but it will not increase. In case
In order to protect the environment of such a remote island, it is also an M recycling machine that almost all of general household waste, industrial waste, agricultural residue (sugar cane pomace), or fallen trees, driftwood, house waste materials, human animal manure, It can process.
After processing, a fully recycling recycling system within the island that can utilize feed, fertilizer, compost is established.



Other presentation

【企業の強み】 G-8インターナショナルトレーディング社の「亜臨界水反応装置」Mリサイクルマシン装置
【Corporate Strength】 G-8 International Trading Company's "Subcritical Water Reactor" M Recycle Machine Equipment


It is a device that uses the latest technology in Japan to change valuable materials in a short period of 15 minutes to 60 minutes, selling or recycling it, and effectively utilizing it effectively (world patent )
It is very easy for the environment that hydrolysis reaction can be continuously generated at high temperature steam (about 200 ° C) and pressure (about 20 atm) to decompose organic waste and make it into feed, fertilizer, compost, green soil conditioner Processing apparatus.
Because throwing away things, it is garbage, unless you throw it away, it is a valuable resource.

【事業内容】 一般家庭ごみ、下水汚泥、食品廃棄物、生ゴミ、廃プラスチック、畜産排地物、農業残渣、可燃性(一般廃棄物・産業廃棄物)、感染性医療廃棄物(注射器、点滴使用後袋、感染性のある廃棄物、或いはオシメ、患者の廃棄物、院内で発生するごみや廃棄物を含む)すべてを「亜臨界水反応」技術で約60分で減容化できます。

【Project Description】 General household waste, sewage sludge, food waste, garbage, waste plastic, livestock discharge waste, agricultural residue, flammable (general waste and industrial waste), infectious medical waste (syringe, drip infusion Including post-use bags, infectious waste products, waste products such as cullets, patient waste, dust and waste generated in the hospital) can be reduced in about 60 minutes using "subcritical water reaction" technology.
It can decompose harmful substances such as eradication and environmental hormones and make it harmless, and after treatment can be recycled into feed, fertilizer, compost, soil conditioner and fuel. (Containing many plastics are decomposed, solubilized, fuelable and can be mixed)


【Industry applicable】 Industrial waste industry · Hospital · Dairy farm · Fishery related industry · Feed / fertilizer manufacturing industry · Drug / toxicology handling related industry

【製品・技術の強み】 この装置にしか出来ない技術で、世界にも誇れる日本のすばらしい装置を世界に広めて行きたい。

【Product / Technology Strength】 We want to spread the wonderful Japanese equipment that is proud of the world to the world with technology which can be done only for this equipment.


【Representative message】. Until now, there is no unique new technology in the world, it will be adopted in various projects in the future and have great expectations for environmental problems.
In Asian countries, administrative agencies are suffering due to garbage disposal problems, and due to popularization of this equipment, it is possible to drastically reduce costs compared to incinerator equipments, and maintenance and management expenses can be drastically reduced by simplifying processes.
It is the only way to solve it, because it is suffering from maintenance and management of incineration equipment and countermeasures against global warming in various countries around the world.
"Subcritical water reactor" M recycling machine is expected to be used in other industries and in many fields beyond the framework of "garbage disposal equipment". There are many undiscovered areas and it is very unique, a device that is proud of the world and looking forward to it.
EBARA Mfg. Co., Ltd., which is famous worldwide for pumps, is responsible for manufacturing, and reliability i