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Latest update: 21/10/2019 15:07:50

Ohno Sekiyuten Co., Ltd.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company sells oil-related products and also manufactures photocatalytic water-based titanium oxide coating solutions. These solutions exhibit anti-fouling, deodorant, antibacterial, and anti-mold effects when exposed to light. We deliver undiluted solutions to major building material, stationery, soil improvement, textile, and special coating companies.

[Business description]
We manufacture water-soluble photocatalytic products from ultra-fine particles in the several-dozen-nanometer size range. Our products have high antifouling, deodorant, antibacterial, and antiviral performance. 
A sol solution is prepared where titanium oxide is dispersed from a liquid to deionized water. The solution is sprayed onto a substrate and dried at room temperature. About 1 (m of a titanium oxide is then deposited on the substrate. No binders are necessary. Titanium oxide is densely deposited on the substrate surface and both the activity and carrying power are high. We can exhibit our craftsmanship by handling various materials. Our neutral, inorganic, water-soluble products have excellent weather resistance. Their greatest feature is that they are particularly applicable to smooth things like glass, resin, and film.

Oil and coal product manufacturing

[Representative's message]
Photocatalysis is Japan's first environmentally friendly technology that leads to energy and cost saving. We will actively make use of J-GoodTech to widely popularize our high-performance photocatalytic products in Japan and abroad to contribute to improving the global environment.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our products are applicable to a wide range of substrates and feature high performance. We will strengthen partnerships based on technical tie-ups by making use of the strength and uniqueness of our products. We will make proposals targeted at substrates such as glass, solar panels, resin building materials, and film. This is how we will cultivate sales channels to the building material, food, and medical industries. We will also strengthen our human resources, networking, and other system factors to promote overseas sales particularly to China, where there is great demand.

[Awards and media coverage]
Hiroshima Home TV, "Chikyuha Sengen," Miracle Titanium on Zoom-Zoom signs introduced as an environmentally friendly technology at Mazda Stadium (August 31, 2015).

Photocatalyst Industry Association of Japan certification (Registration No. 2011-0007: Self Cleaning)

[Intellectual property]
We make use of patents from the Saga Ceramics Research Laboratory (Japanese Registered Patent Nos. 2875993, 2938376, 3490012, 3490013, and 3122658).