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Latest update: 07/09/2020 17:11:36

OEM Co., Ltd.

Calibration for measuring instruments, electronic circuit design, and software development for embedded systems

Services for calibration of measuring instruments, electronic circuit design, and software development of embedded systems.


Sales Pitch

Calibration of various measuring instruments by any manufacturer
Available on-site calibration service
For a large number of instruments, we provide on-site calibration service at your specified location (mainly domestic site).
This not only saves you time and effort in shipping, but also minimizes the amount of time your instruments are out of service.
We can also provide a quick turnaround time for pick-up calibration, if your require it.
One-stop service
You can request a batch order from any manufacturer, type or model of measuring instruments, so you don't have to go through the hassle of requesting instruments from different manufacturers.
JCSS registered service provider
Our service meets the requirements of ISO17025 for calibration laboratories and is registered with the JCSS in accordance with the Measurement Law. (Accreditation number: JCSS0278)
Service of electronic circuit design, software development for embedded systems with measuring technology
Device development with high precision measuring technology
[Checker for a class III medical device]
This device automatically monitors up to three channels of signals output from a medical device and measures and displays the level and interval of the signals. Depending on the mode, the number of channels of the input signal is automatically detected. All you need to do is to know how to use the medical equipment, and you can start using it right away without training. Other checkers have problems such as only supporting up to 2 channels, being expensive, and being complicated to operate.

[Compact barometric pressure measuring device]
This is a device that measures and records short-term changes in atmospheric pressure in an enclosed space. Other products that use Bluetooth to send data over the air have a problem with data loss due to radio wave conditions, so we developed a battery-powered device that records data in the internal memory to solve the problem.
Heavy-duty device development
[Automatic Announcement System for Rail Cars]
We have provided the electrical design and software development of automatic announcement devices for railway companies in Japan and US. Devices we developed are in use in various railways.

[In-flight Announcement Devices and Entertainment System for Passenger Aircraft]
We also have experience in the electrical design and software development of equipment for in-flight announcement and entertainment systems.
Development of software for shipping inspection equipment
[Software for Sheet Resistor Tester]
This software measures the resistance of the sheet resistor while the brushes are being moved by a motor to make a pass/fail judgment.

We also develop and manufacture a number of other software and inspection devices.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company covers various businesses related to electricity, from measuring instrument calibration and maintenance to hardware and software development for electrical equipment. We apply our accumulated know-how and high technical power to help manufacturers. We calibrate electrical and mechanical measuring instruments, and design circuits and produce software for electronics-applied equipment. Our businesses include electrical work, machine and instrument installation, repairs and maintenance of electronics-applied equipment, and general worker dispatching.

[Representative's message]
Our company has been designing, manufacturing, repairing, and maintaining electronics-applied equipment since its establishment in 1981. Our business covers a wide range extending to measuring instrument calibration and maintenance. We have been consistently carrying out on-site work diligently and earnestly as a group of engineers to continue to satisfy customer requests. This is why we now receive orders from major companies in Japan. We are a small company but have been able to steadily increase our sales. We will provide customers in various categories with our technical power through J-GoodTech for our further development.

ISO 9001:2015
JCSS/MRA Accredited Laboratory (JCSS0278)