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Latest update: 23/03/2018 02:06:14

Keibunsha Seisaksho


Other presentation

[Company strength]
We develop, manufacture, and sell agricultural machines. We conduct integrated business from development to manufacturing and sales of agricultural machines that satisfy customer needs. We are supplied with parts from cooperating companies when we manufacture products, and mainly conduct assembly and packaging in-house. We also have a plant in China where we manufacture agricultural machines. We do business with agricultural machinery sales companies all over Japan, so we have an extensive market. We also invite ideas from end users and develop, manufacture, and sell products based on them. 


[Representative's message]
Recently there has been a conspicuous trend for our SME business partners to close their business due to a shortage of successors. We will make use of J-GoodTech to cultivate new business partners who can conduct work from small lots (sheet metal working, coating, or machining). We encounter a problem due to the nature of our products that the volume of work greatly changes between a busy season and a dead season. We need to level out production with our current work force. We hope that J-GoodTech will provide opportunities for us to increase our business partners who can be entrusted with assembly and production, and for our products to become widely known. 

[Intellectual property]
Seed coating apparatus (Japanese Laid-Open Patent Application No. 2012-217409). We possess 67 Japanese patents and utility model registrations.