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Latest update: 21/06/2022 15:26:21

Hokkaido Information Center Co.,Ltd.

We are the only coordinator in Hokkaido that specializes in Taiwan!

The success or failure of overseas business depends on the creditworthiness of coordinators. 
We have coordinated businesses in Taiwan for municipalities, Junior Chambers, and private companies.

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Total coordination dedicated to Taiwan
Translation and interpretation to and from Chinese (Taiwanese)
Translation and interpretation
-Sorachi Subprefecture
Translating a Sorachi sightseeing pamphlet into English and traditional Chinese
-Maabu Auto Camping Ground in Fukagawa City
Translating the booklet for using the cottage into English and traditional Chinese
-Hokkaido Government Rumoi Subprefectural Bureau
Escort interpretation for the project of inviting Taiwanese travel agencies
Many other translation and interpretation achievements
Coordination for international education exchanges
As for school exchanges between Japan and other Asian countries, we have introduced schools in Taiwan. In addition, we serve as lecturers of seminars, talking mainly about Taiwan.
1. Expansion of sales channels in Taiwan 
Market situations in Taiwan and products that can easily be sold in the country
Things to remember for running a booth at exhibitions and effective methods for running it
2. Inviting Taiwanese companies to Hokkaido
There are ways to select targets and there are also methods suitable for each area.
3. School exchanges
How to start international exchanges, why choose Taiwan, and how to invite school excursions from Taiwan
4. Opening restaurants in Taiwan
Foods favored and not favored in Taiwan
Managing the Café "I Love Hokkaido"
Since 2019, Hokkaido has entrusted the management of the Café "I Love Hokkaido" to a local corporation established by our company in Taichung, Taiwan. 
The Café offers dishes cooked from Hokkaido foodstuffs. For example, it offers soup curry and sells it as a product on a trial basis. The chairs, etc. in the Cafe are made of wood from Hokkaido. The monitor in the Cafe displays and introduces sightseeing spots in Hokkaido and Ainu culture to advertise the attractiveness of Hokkaido.


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