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Striving to produce reliable products for half a century

Our friendly support and cooperative attitude has ensured that we have earned a high level of trust as “Eno the barkers” since our founding.
In recent years, we have been working on the development of high-speed, autonomous machines that are operated by computer control, the development of machines that meet new needs for our customers, and product development in new fields that apply our accumulated expertise. We will continue to strive to to develop machines that can satisfy new demands to effectively utilize the limited resource of timber.

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Product Information (Ring Barker)
Ring Barker RF series
[Ideal log-transportation system with triple rollers]
It has a triple-point automatic centering mechanism that automatically grabs the row timber from three directions and sends it to the center of the rotor. (Utility model application under consideration)
As the raw timber is always sent to the center, it is not necessary to vertically move the rotor, allowing faster continuous peeling.
The automatic centering mechanism that simultaneously applies pressure from three directions prevents the corotation and shaking of the raw timber. It diffuses the impact caused by knots and bent wood and transports logs without strain.
As it is a rotation type, it has less friction and wear and is capable of high speed, long duration operation without fueling. Moreover, its operation is very quiet.
[Rotor drawing type (Optional for some types)]
It allows smooth cutter changing.
It simplifies repair and maintenance, significantly reducing the work duration.
It allows safe work in an open space.
Ring Barker RD series
[Two feeding rollers, one at the top and one at the bottom]
Using two rollers, the mechanism could be simplified.
It resulted in significant improvement in the peeling ability and maintainability.
The attachment-type contact part of the raw-timber holding mechanism is replaceable.
[Rotor extraction type]
It allows smooth cutter changing.
It simplifies repair and maintenance, significantly reducing the work duration.
It allows safe work in an open space.
Ring Barker RV series
[Stable feeding]
Stable raw timber feeding through the V-roller method.
[Space saving]
The rotary centering method allows the simplification of the facility to carry in.
Product information (desiccator)
EN / EH series desiccators
Our drying chamber is equipped with the unique heat and humidity resistant fan motor (patented) that we developed.
It is equipped with the water-flow type feeder (patented) that prevents wet bulb water from boiling even when the room temperature is 100℃ or more.
Energy-saving operation with high thermal-insulation design.
Lineups with high-temperature drying (EH series) and medium-temperature drying.
[E-Dry system]
It is an innovative wood-drying control system that achieves ideal drying.
The sensor in the drying chamber automatically measures the state of the wood and conducts control in real-time.
E-Dry II is the result of the feedback of the accumulated technology researched and developed after the release of E-Dry.
E-Dry III pioneered environmental protection and achieved low running costs.
The integrated design of the device and the control mechanism achieved significant reduction in drying time, improvement in the product color, and reduction in cracking compared with that observed in the high-temperature type dryer.
ENL/EHL series desiccators
Large wood dryer that allows bringing in and out of products by forklifts.
The devices that we use are Japanese products. The control system we developed enables high-standard drying that is suitable for the unique Japanese timber.
Our lineup includes standard humidification (ENL series)/pool-type humidification (EHL series).
Product information (raw wood sorter)
Three-direction camera type diameter measurement
The unique mechanism and the measurement system uses high-quality CCD camera enables speedy and highly accurate selection of raw timber.
The hydraulic reversal skit that enables a reliable horizontal push (loading) enables trouble-free sorting at a designated location.
The video measurement (VM) system enables measurement with little error, even with deformed raw timber, through diameter class measurement from three (two) directions.
Laser bend measurement
The bent measurement system (BMS) that we developed 3D is capable of bending form analysis (in accordance with the JAS Standard) through 3D-processing the traces of the semiconductor laser directed at raw timber.
Its usability allows sorting that is not dependent on an individual’s experience, making expertise in the same unnecessary.

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