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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:22:04


We satisfy customer needs with our advanced welding technology.

We have an integrated system from design to manufacturing and installation of pressure vessels, boilers, industrial machines, transportation equipment, environmental equipment, chemical devices, crane machinery, and so on. We have obtained ISO 9001 certification to ensure reliable products.

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Welding, assembly, and test-running to installation, mainly for large can manufacturing
High-level welding technology
We have an established reputation for our welding technology, particularly for welding large can products, and we often receive compliments from our clients on the finish of our work. 

Many of our employees have obtained licenses for welding as listed below. From new recruits to veterans, they all strive every day to improve their welding skills.

Qualifications related to welding
Special Boiler Welder's License; General Boiler Welder's License; Arc Welder's License; Stainless Steel Welder's License; Semi-automatic Welder's License; WES Welding Control Engineer's License, First Grade; WES Welding Instructor's License
Comprehensive knowledge for manufacturing a wide variety of products
We take the lead in making requests and instructions to our affiliates from different fields (such as can manufacturing, machining, surface processing, installation, piping, electrical works, nondestructive inspection, and design), to meet the various requirements of our clients. We then assemble, test run, and inspect the products.

Our products are customized one by one, so we integrate our knowledge and coordinate the efforts of our company and our affiliates before delivering our products.

We believe this total process leads to the satisfaction of customers who place orders with us.
Hokkaido's pioneering can manufacturer
This year marks 65 years since our company's founding, and we have a history as long as 120 years if we include our predecessor.

We have been engaged in integrated factory production. We believe that it is precisely because of our extensive experience and reliable technical expertise that we have become what we are today.



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