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Latest update: 23/05/2023 14:02:15

Marukin Sato Co., Ltd.

We provide high-quality products with state-of-the-art equipment and outstanding technology.

As an integrated iron and steel processing and sales company, we respond to specific needs in steel stock sales, iron plate cutting (shearing, thermal cutting, coil cut sheet manufacturing), and metal scrap collection and dismantling (recycling).

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We provide high-quality products with state-of-the-art equipment and outstanding technology.
Shearing and fusing (cutting plate processing)
Shearing means cutting off something with a blade.
Shearing is one of the technologies with the longest history in our company.
We have 2 shearing machines and 1 corner cutting machine, so we can do shearing in house.
Coil Center
[Inventory and processing of coils wound with thin iron plates]
The manufacturing method of iron plates change depending on the thickness. Iron plates thinner than 6 mm are manufactured in a toilet paper-like shape called a coil. The role of the coil center is to draw out the coil and cut it into a plate shape according to the application.
A coil center is a complex machine consisting of a device called a leveler that flattens curled coils and a shearing device that cuts coils to arbitrary lengths. The machine performs a series of processes from rolling down the coil to cutting, but it is operated by human hands. The approximate amount of rolling and the speed at which the line is run are determined depending on the type of steel and plate thickness, and fine adjustment is required for each coil, demanding delicate operation.
Currently our company is one of two coil centers in Hokkaido that boasts such functions.
[Management for reuse of scrap metal]
Scrap is generated in various places such as public works (mainly civil engineering), factories, demolition sites, homes, and companies. We pick this up with trucks, separate it into waste and scrap, dismantle it into reusable sizes, and store it as inventory.
We handle a wide range of tasks, including dismantling and loading on-site, loading and unloading at our own yard, primary dismantling, sorting, and inventory management.
Few customers bring in their scraps, and in most cases, our company uses trucks and heavy machinery to pick up the scraps from where they are made. Our pick-up locations include factories in industrial parks, construction sites in cities, and are sometimes deep in the mountains, so our work environment changes greatly each time. Of course, flexible responses are required, and when picking up heavy scrap, we focus on on-site confirmation work such as preliminary inspections, and strive for safe work.

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